Top 7 Transcription Companies for Beginners

Transcription jobs for beginnersOne of the most popular jobs to grace home-based earning is Transcription. It is very basic, and that you code a spoken text into word form. Some would argue it’s a no brainer, but it takes more than knowledge of the computer to be competitive at this job. Most companies hire people with a minimum typing speed of 65 words per minute. Yes, touch typists.

We’ve prepared the list of transcription companies hiring entry level experts, so you could choose the one, which suits you the best and send your resume for typist application today. Check the benefits of every agency and decide yourself with what company to start.

Top 3 Transcription Jobs for Beginners

  1. TranscribeMe: A company lets you transcribe two minutes worth of audio files. It’s definitely a transcription job for beginners. It is very basic, there is no need for an expanded program, and it is easily accessible through Google Chrome. They hire from all over the world, and has staff that are paid at a rate of $14 per audio hour and if you’re a constant visitor, you get $2 extra for loyalty. If you’re well versed, they offer legal transcription jobs for beginners. They pay through PayPal, but you reach at least $10 to claim your pay.  Visit this site today!
  2.  SpeakWrite: It’s a transcription job for beginners but been in the market since 1997. SpeakWrite is US and Canada-Based Company catering to seasoned typists. You may need to practice a bit on the typing. They have
    Check their page out here today!
  3. Tigerfish: In business since 1989, this company values it’s friendliness to clients and of course the accuracy of its data. It requires you to be a good typist with a good ear for language as this company caters to clients from all over the world. It calls for different levels of interpretation for some of its projects. Higher level thinking skills must also be used. So, if you’re looking to be an online transcription job for beginners, here’s your thing. Download the audio files and resume at here requires a bit of experience, but rest assured, it will work out for those who are under a tight schedule or those who are looking to make a few bucks.

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