20 the Best Transcription Companies You Should Try to Get In

Are you trying to land a job on the best transcription companies? Are you an aspiring transcriptionist or typist, but don’t know where to start looking for the best place to apply? Are you hesitant whether your resume will be accepted by the top transcribing firms? Are you looking for small and local companies currently hiring typists?

You should not worry, as we dig deeper into the top 20 companies currently hiring entry level and experienced transcriptionists. Be sure you’ll find the best agency to work for.

Best Transcription Companies to Apply To

  1. Accutran Global: Based in Canada, this transcription company offers both financial and medical transcription services. As a self-described “online virtual business Services Company,” Accutran Global seeks to provide services using home-based workers in United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. Fluency in English, Internet researching skills, and excellent listening and comprehension abilities are the necessary qualifications needed to be considered as good communicator and a potential member of the company.For more information visit this website.
  2. Appenscribe: Based in Australia but hires contractors all around the world, Appenscirbe offers a work at home transcription job. It’s application process includes submitting a from with your general details then taking transcription tests in one or several languages you know, essentially offering more opportunities and work for persons fluent in more than one language. Fill up the form now here.
  3. Accuro: It is among the transcription companies hiring UK based transcriptionists. They offer digital transcription services in both the medical and legal institutions. To learn more, visit this website.
  4. GRM: To be considered eligible for application in the company, a US based nationality, along with being a trained and certified transcriptionist is necessary. GRM offers general, medical, and legal transcription services. Apply now here.
  5. Tigerfish: In business since 1989, Tigerfish has maintained an excellent work in terms of providing transcribed materials. If you consider yourself as a successful as in indispensable writer with superb comprehension and writing skills, start your application now by visiting this website.

Top Transcription and Typing Companies

  1. Allice Darling: Up for accepting applicants in the coming months, Alice Daring is a transcription company which specialized in a variety of transcription categories. Among others are transcriptions on business, biotechnology, academia, film, medicine, among many others. Visit their website to stay up to date in their application opening.
  2. Cyber Dictate: Live in the US and have necessary equipment such as a computer, and internet connection, a headset and software capable of reading various audio formats? Are you interested in a convenient home based job? Join Cyber Dictate now here.
  3. TypingService.org: That is the best option for those, who want to be satisfied with the result on 100%. The team of real professionals will help you whenever you ask them, just visit their typing service.
  4. VerbalFusion Inc.: Hiring only the most brilliant and best transcribers, skill and technique is required prior to application. If you’re living in the US, possess the necessary qualifications of talented transcriptionists, visit their website to begin your application.
  5. Mass Transription: Provides general and legal transcription based on Tucson, Arizona. They offer high quality and integrity work, visit their website. 
  6. Cambridge Transcription: As an emerging transcription company hiring anybody with fast word speeds, Cambridge transcription provides and learning environment for transcriptionists to mold talented and focused transcriptionist. To learn more about them, visit this website.
  7. Capital Typing: It is among the transcription companies, which prove a transcription services in a multitude of categories, which specialize in medical, dictation, general, movie and tv show transcriptions and more. Do you consider yourself as a versatile transcriptionist? Visit this website.
  8. Neal R. Gross & Co: It is a Washington, DC based court reporting and transcription company. They are a company that deals with legal transcription jobs for beginners. Applicants must have a typing speed of at least 60 wpm and should be well versed in legal jargon. Applicants must work a minimum of 30 hours per week. Submit your resume at transcribe at nealrgross.com.
  9. Choromolume Transcription: Offering a full service of transcription services and founded in the year 2002, this company has been provided consistent high-quality transcriptions. Do you want to join the growing team of skilled transcriptionists? Visit their website today!
  10. Medical Transcription Services, Inc: Known for their high-quality transcription jobs and ethical responses, US citizens are welcome to apply. Do visit their site today!
  11. E Transcription Solutions: If you average words per minute is 80 or more and if you’re skilled in doing either transcriptions in the general, financial, medical, or market research field, then start your application now and visi 
  12. Same Day Transcription: As the title implies, the company provides transcriptions at fast-paced scale. The transcription company offers general, medical, and business transcriptions. Visit their website for more information.
  13. Verbal Ink: Making its name one of the most known, trusted, and most accurate transcription provider, Verbal Ink offers excellent academic, medical, legal, and market research transcriptions. For more information, visit their website.
  14. Expedict: It is a transcription company, which hires skilled and experienced audio typists. If you skilled in typing, proof reading and formatting then apply now here.
  15. TASK Document Services: If legal transcription is your specialty and you live in the US then this job might be right for you! 3 years of transcription experience is needed. Working hours include a minimum of at least four or more are a day and 5 days per week. Visit their website for more information.
  16. Bayscribe: Provides jobs for over 1,400 medical transcriptionists, making it one of the biggest in the market. A home-based transcription company pays great. Do not hesitate to send resumes to website and expect to be contacted within the hour. 

So if you’re looking to earn a more cash by listening and typing while going through your life’s motions, then there would nothing to lose if you test those fingers and interpreting skills. You can turn your three hours into more money. Also, here you can find the best online translation services in 2019 to work with.

Start checking these transcription companies we gather for you and believe in your success now!

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