50 Best Medical Transcription Training Programs

A medical transcriptionist training course helps aspiring medical transcriptionist in developing the needed skills to excel in audio and video transcription. The course usually ranges from about six months to one year depending on the institution of study. Certified graduates of medical transcription courses, therefore, work either full time or part time with a medical facility or become working from home medical transcriptionist. It is usually best to start out working with an organization as a medical transcriptionist to gather experience before moving on to work on a remote medical transcription jobs basis, delivering good job quality.

How Medical Transcriptionist Training Works in the Medical Sphere

Medical transcription training is a course that focuses on exposing students to the art and science of transcribing messages from audio to written text. So, students go through practical sessions listening to mp3 or WAV format of medical records, live streaming videos and then type out what they hear into a word document. It is the rigorous training and certification that qualifies students to function as a medical transcriptionist at home doing remote work or working with a medical facility.

The content of the audio files to transcribe is usually related to:

  • Clinical Consultations
  • Progress/SOAP notes
  • Radiology reports
  • Referral letters
  • Hospital reports
  • Phone messages
  • Others

best medical transcriptionist training

It is either taken as a medical transcription training online or at a specific college center. Students have about 10 to 16 courses to attend with a pass of 27 to 39 credit unit at the end of 4 months to two years. As part of areas to discuss during medical transcription classes include:

  • Editing
  • Transcription technics
  • Medical terminology
  • Medical assistant and administration
  • Time management
  • People skills
  • Laboratory skills

Top 5 Benefits of Medical Transcription School & Training

Here are top 5 advantages of a medical transcription school:

  • Learn from experts: you would be learning from some of the best.
  • Practical sessions: learning by practice teaches you how to get the job done not just theoretical knowledge on what to do.
  • Get certified and recognized: learning from experts with the certification from your institution, AHDI, ROHS and other health bodies it increases your chances of success.
  • Increase your proficiency: a learning environment exposes you to the current trend in the medical transcription industry.
  • Networking opportunities: attending a medical transcription course will help you make new friends from within the medical transcription field.

top of the best transcription companies

Top 50 List of the Best Medical Transcribing Online and Real-Time Programmes

The following accredited institutions offer some of the best medical transcribing online and real-time courses. See the list for some of the best companies or school nearest to you:

1. Maryland Community College – Develop skills in medical support
– Take 48 hours credit course
– Diploma in Medical Transcription
2. California State University – Certificate in Medical Transcription & editing
– Practical training sessions to enhance learning
3. Cox College, Missouri Training at Cox College exposes you to the rudiments of medical transcription and editing. With over 27 credit units, practical sessions and tutoring, online students get equipped for a career in medical transcription, editing, and coding leading to a certification with AHDI.
4. St. Paul College, MN – Practical-based 16 months course
– Certificate in Medical Transcription
5. California Polytechnic State University – Certificate in Medical Transcription and terminology
– Practical session with outpatient case studies
6. Alexandria Technical College, Alexandria – Certificate in Health Information & Administrative support
– Practical workshop sessions
7. Andrews College, Oklahoma City – One of the best Medical Transcription schools
– Certification in MT
8. Everett Community College, Everett, WA
– Increase your chances of securing medical transcription jobs online
– 43 credit unit course
– Full and part-time programme
9. Lakeshore Technical College, Cleveland – 10 months programme
– Certificate in MT
10. Delta College in University Centre, Michigan
– Offers Medical and business management courses to MT students
– AHDI certification exams after completion of course
– 1-year intensive course
11. Patrick Henry Community College – Runs 6 weeks to 6 months course in MT
– 29 unit credit unit course to get certified
12. Metropolitan Community College, Nebraska
– Online course leading to Associates of Applied Science degree (HIMS)
– 45 credit unit courses leading to AHDI in MT
13. Westmoreland County Community College, Pennsylvania – Diploma in Medical Transcription
– Practical sessions
14. Ashworth College – Online courses
– Certification in RHDS, AHDI & MT
– 4 months duration
15. Blackstone Career Institute – Online courses
– Certification exams in RHDS, AHDI, CCHDS & MT
– 4-18 months duration
16. Lakeland College – 12 months intensive course
– Online training
– Innovative student-focused learning
17. Med-Line – Certification exams in AHIMA, AHDI & MT
– Online courses
– Hands-on training
18. Ed2go – Online school
– Expert tutors using practical methods
19. Penn Foster Career School – Certificate in MT
– 12 months course
– Diploma in MT
20. Canscribe Career College
– Certificate exams in AHDI, MT
– Distance learning through online platform
– Increase chances for the best medical transcription jobs online
21. Lewis and Clark Community College – 19 credit unit courses in MT
– Practical based
22. Gateway Community College
– All courses online
– Certification exams with AHDI & Associate in Applied Sciences degree
23. Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College – First-class MT training
– 15 credit unit course
24. College of Lake County, Illinois – Runs both online and real-time training options
– Certificate in MT
25. University of North Dakota, UND, Grand Forks – 640 hours of practical training
– 12 months course
– Certificate in MT & Editing
26. Lewis-Clark State College, Idaho – Both basic and advanced courses
– Certificate in Medical Assisting
27. Central New Mexico Community College, New Mexico – Certificate in Health Information Management
– Practical-based
28. Great Basin College, Nevada – 28-34 credit unit course
– Certificate in MT
– 1-year certificate course or 2 years AAS degree
29. Bishop State – Certificate in Health & Information Technology
– Practical sessions
30. Indiana University, New-Albany
– Trains students as specialists in healthcare documentation
– 18 credit unit course
31. College of Dupage, Illinois – Certificate in Health Information technology
– Practical sessions
32. Roane State Community College, Tennessee – Certification course in MT
– Increase students employability
33. University of Rio Grande – 1-year certificate course in MT
– Trained expert tutors
34. Fayetteville Technical Community College – Two-part programmes of 390 and 360 hours
– Certificate as Medical Assistant
35. John A. Logan College, Illinois – Practical training
– Certificate in MT
36. Kirkwood Community College, Iowa – One-year diploma in MT
– Practical sessions
37. Owens Community College, Ohio – Offers basic and advanced courses
– Online training
38. Pikes Peak Community College, Colorado – Certificate in MT
– Practical courses with hands-0n training
39. Johnson County Community College, Kansas – Practical coursework
– Certification leading to AHDI
40. Lane Community College, Oregon
– Trains students for both employability and work at home MT jobs
– Real-time classes
41. Eastern Maine Community College – Develop expertise in MT with AAS degree
– Practical application of training
42. Northland Pioneer College, Arizona – Broad & specialized medical training on MT
– Certificate in Applied sciences
– 16 months course
43. St. Philips College, Texas – Certificate in Health Information systems
– Expert skills in MT & Editing
44. Normandale Community College, Minnesota – Variety of medical transcription course
– Practical sessions
– Certificate in MT
45. Central Arizona College, Coolidge – MT training combined with other relevant training
– 36 credit unit courses
46. San Juan College, New Mexico – Training includes computer training
– Cross section of medical course and MT
– Certificate in MT
47. Bristol Community College, Massachusetts – Certificate in MT
– Live-streaming sessions
– Practical courses
48. Bossier Parish Community College, Louisiana – Technical training in MT
– Certificate in MT
49. Manchester Community College, Connecticut – Both online and real-time courses
– Practical sessions involving experts
50. Delaware Technical Community College, Stanton, Wilmington – Runs two centers
– Award of AAS degree

10 Top Best Transcription Companies Online

Accentus US and Canada – Accentus has two locations, US and Canada
– Offers medical transcription jobs
– Offers medical coding jobs
– Work with remote work from home staffs
– A subsidiary of Nuance Healthcare Company
– Runs shift system
– Work mostly with experienced transcriptionist
– You must have a medical certification to qualify
Tigerfish – Over two decades of transcription services
– Accepts US transcriptionists only
– Makes payment fortnightly
– Pay rate is $6-$10 per audio hour
Accutran Global – Specialized in medical transcription jobs
– Accept transcriptionists globally
– More preference for US, UK, and Canada transcriptionists
– Recruits entry and experienced transcriptionist
– Pay via checks and wire transfers
– Transcription rates are $0.005 per word for beginners
– Pays $0.066 per word for experienced transcriptionists
– Specify available time to work
Rev.com – Open to transcriptionists worldwide
– Accepts entry and experienced transcriptionists
– Pay rate is $10-$39 per audio hour
– Weekly payment through PayPal
– It requires skill test before acceptance
– Recruiting worldwide but preference for US works for full time
– Offer full and part-time transcription jobs
– Pay rate is $8 per hour
– Specializes in clinical documentation
– Coding and transcription jobs
Medical Transcription services – Over 25 years in the industry
– Offers general transcription service
– Specialty in medical transcription service
– US-based transcription company
– Work remotely
– Accepts beginners but prefers experts
Ascend – Offers medical transcription jobs
– Offers medical coding jobs
– Application via e-mail
– Prefer US-based medical transcriptionists
– Prefer experienced transcriptionists
TranscribeMe – Pay rate is $20 per audio hour
– Must take trial test before acceptance
– Payment is weekly through PayPal
– Open worldwide
– Accepts beginners and expert transcriptionists
Accuro – Specializes in legal and medical transcription
– Accepts beginners and expert transcriptionists
– UK-based transcription company
Scribie – You can withdraw funds as low as $1
– Pays weekly via PayPal
– Pays $10 per audio hour time
– Must take test before recruitment
– Accepts beginners and experienced transcriptionists
– Work at convenience

Please note that even with the best transcription companies there is no guarantee they will always remain reliable. Always verify claims made by any company before you sign up with them. US, Canada or UK residency is a must for some, others recruit worldwide. Payment is either weekly or twice a month via PayPal, wire transfer or check.

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