Best 49 Medical Transcription Jobs

What are the best medical transcription jobs of today? There are various work opportunities if you have been working as a medical transcriptionist. Check out this post and see what medical transcription jobs can give you a chance to work from home and earn money out of it.

Best Medical Transcription Jobs at Home

  1. Accentus—They hire medical transcription jobs from home to apply at. Choose your own schedule and earn working from home.
  2. Eight Crossing—This is one of the most sought-after companies to work for its vibrant opportunities offered for medical transcription professionals. You will be hired if you have at least two years of experience, though.
  3. FastChart—This is for independent contractors with at least two years of experience in medical transcription jobs.
  4. M*Modal—This is another medical transcription jobs from home to apply for it were versed in coding and support, too. You should have a recent experience or a certified graduate in AAMT program.
  5. Nuance Transcription Services—you can apply here if you want to earn from home and enhance your knowledge and skills in medical transcription.
  6. Professional Medical Services, Inc.—This Company offers med transcription jobs to work from home if you have at least four years of experience in hospital transcription.
  7. Portal Healthcare Solutions/Ascend—They can offer you a wide range of opportunities if you are a medical transcription professional.
  8. TransTech Medical Solutions—This is one of the companies to apply for home based medical transcription jobs, especially ideal for work at home mothers and professionals.
  9. AccuScribe Transcription Service—You can apply here if you are interested in becoming a top medical transcription professional with their great benefits offered.
  10. Atlas Worldwide—Do you want to work from home and earn as a medical transcription professional? Go to this site and see what your chances are.
  11. Dial and Dictate—They are one of the most sought-after transcription companies in the US and in the world, and you can become one of them by applying today!
  12. Transcription Star—This is one of the companies to apply to when you have experience in medical transcription because it is an equal opportunity employer.home based medical transcription jobs
  13. Moretti Transcription Solutions—This is offering home based medical transcription jobs to apply to for professionals with experience in medical dictation.
  14. ScribeCare, LLC
  15. Talisman Solutions Inc
  16. Morgan Business Services, Inc
  17. Global Systems Research—They offer end-to-end medical transcription services worldwide.
  18. Walnut Street Transcription—Visit their site for more details about their job openings if you are a talented med transcriptionist.
  19. Faber Transcription—They are one of the most reliable transcription companies in the world to work for and with. Apply through their website.
  20. M2ComSys—Grab the chance working with a team of professional transcriptionist applying in this company.
  21. Executive Business Services, Inc—They can give you the chance of earning from home, so apply in one of their jobs offered.
  22. Meditech—You can work from home and make money at the same time applying and becoming a part of this company for their med transcription jobs.
  23. MedRec Resources—You can apply here if you want to join a competitive company for med transcription jobs.
  24. OptimaMed Support Services—They offer prompt and reliable med transcript services, so you may want to become a part of their top team.
  25. On-Time Transcription—They offer a wide range of services worldwide, so they constantly looking for new professionals to work for medical transcription services.
  26. SilentType—It offers medical transcription professionals with plenty of opportunities to make money from home.
  27. Star Transcriptions—They provide an equal opportunity for everyone and welcome online applications. Make sure to stand out in your resume for medical transcription jobs from home.
  28. Sten-Tel Transcription—If you want to make extra cash, then apply for the positions offered by this company to professionals like you. Submit your application today!
  29. Type-thing Services—Apply here for home based medical transcription jobs.
  30. Accurate Typing Services, Inc—Visit their site to know more of their opportunities offered today!
  31. ATServices—They welcome mothers and other professionals with skills and knowledge in medical dictation. Apply now by sending your updated resume online.
  32. Hypertype, Inc—They are one of the most professional transcription companies to work with and for to enhance your knowledge and skills in medical transcription.
  33. JMM Type Inc—Earn from home applying for medical transcription services positions opened by this company. Visit their site and learn more.
  34. Med-Scribe Transcription Services—They can help you make money from home if you are an experienced transcriptionist who wants to earn money from home.
  35. World Wide Dictation Service of New York Inc
  36. Voxtab Transcription Services
  37. Accustat—They specialize in a wide range of med transcribing services, so you may want to try them out for more opportunities even while from home for med transcription jobs.
  38. Craft Transcription—If you want to make some extra cash while taking care of your family, then you can apply in med transcription jobs, such as those offered by this company.
  39. ETransmedia—If you have what it takes to become a good med transcription professional, then grab one of the opportunities offered by medical transcription jobs from home, as in this company.
  40. MRecord—This Company offers vibrant medical transcription jobs at home that you can apply to. Make sure to comply with the requirements and send your applications through email.
  41. All-American Transcription—Do you want to earn from home working in this US-based company for med transcriptionists like you? Visit their site and apply today!
  42. Transcription Solutions—You can apply here for medical transcription jobs to earn from home to work as a professional transcriptionist.
  43. Appenscribe—This is an Australia-based company looking contractors to work from home.
  44. Accutran Global—It is a Canada-based company that is always on the lookout for great talents like you. Apply now!
  45. GRM– This company offers general, legal and medical transcription jobs to apply to. Become part of their team today!
  46. Tigerfish– This Company hires US legal residents and citizens alike.
  47. Verbal Ink– They offer jobs to only residents of the US and cater to legal.

There you have the list of best 50 companies for medical transcription jobs wherever you are. Have the chance to make money from home, while you are taking care of your family and experiencing the best of life with the convenience, freedom and income potentials from medical transcription jobs today!

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