Best 50 Transcription Companies Which Are Hiring

Transcription companies hiring workers remotely from home has led to more opportunities for individuals to generate income either passively or full time. No doubt, with over 24% of workers were able to earn reasonable sums of money from home or on a transcriptionist jobs salary of $10 to $20 per audio hour the transcription business has experienced a boom.

Relevance of Transcription Jobs for a Brighter Tomorrow

Transcription jobs from home no experience has gradually become one of the most sort-after in the entire freelancing industry. People seek for work at home positions daily consulting 100s of freelancing or data entry sites in search of an online job. With more people setting up mega businesses in the transcription industry via their transcription websites sit at home parents, those looking for a means to earn extra incomes, people between jobs or all out trying to make additional income part-time or as full-time earnings take to transcription services.

While beginner transcriptionist can earn $4 to less than $10 per hour of audio time experienced transcriptionist make as much as $10 to $25 per hour of audio time and depending on the experience level and the transcription company hiring. For entrepreneurs in the business of transcription, there is no limit to their earning possibilities, but it is more in the range of 6 to 7 figures per month on the average.

Job Requirements to Work as a Transcriptionist

Working as a transcriptionist is a skill that requires some level of learning. Yes, you can find even medical transcription jobs from home no experience with some of the highest-paying jobs, but most transcription hiring company requires the knowledge of typing, speed in typing and the use of special software to make your work easier. For some transcription jobs online no experience is necessary especially transcription jobs for beginners, but for some more technical tasks such as medical transcription and legal transcription certification, diploma or degree in relevant transcription disciplines is a must. Learn more about medical transcriptionist training.

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Top 50 Best Transcription Companies Currently Offering Transcription Jobs Online for Beginners and Professionals

1 Neal R Gross & Co General
2 Tigerfish Law, research, interviews
3 Speakwrite Legal, government, private sector
4 Scribie General
5 Birch Creek Communication Legal, immigration, corporate firms, veteran affairs
6 Transcriptions N Translations Media, private firms
7 Alice Darling Audio Transcription Services Biotech, law, media, finance, medicals, education
8 GMR Transcriptions Medicals, others
9 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP Media, law, others
10 Net Transcripts Criminal investigations, admin, law enforcement
11 Verbal link General
12 Accuscribe Transcription General
13 Crowdsurf Mechanical turf, captions, short transcriptions
14 Daily Transcription Entertainment, legal, corporate clients
15 RNK Transcription Legal, entertainment
16 BAM Media & entertainment
17 Athreon Legal, medical, insurance & others
18 AccunTran Global Medical & others
19 Cambridge transcription Legal & corporate firms
20 Rev General
21 Ubiqus General, corporate, legal, medical
22 Same Day transcriptions Medical, Media, research, corporate
23 E transcription Solutions General
24 Transcribe General
25 Transcription centre Focus group, interviews, research
26 Amphion Medical Solutions Medical transcription
27 Phoenix Med Com Inc. Medicals
28 Net Transcripts Law, criminal justice, government
29 Hollywood Transcriptions Entertainment, academics, legal, corporate
30 Allegis Transcription Insurance
31 Preferred Transcription Medicals, legal, marketing & education
32 Multi-lingual Connections Legal, education, business & research
33 Terescription Entertainment, business, education and legal
34 Transcription Services Incorporate Research, legal, event & documentation
35 Transcription Outsourcing LLC General, legal, law enforcement, medical, financial
36 Superior Transcribing Services, LLC Medicals
37 M Modal Medicals
38 AVTranz Court, law firm
39 TranscribeMe Admin and enterprise transcription
40 Voxtab General
41 Orion Transcription Services Medicals
42 Deposition services Inc. Court, legal matters
43 OutSec Medical, legal, finance, properties, interviews, general
44 Say it back Academic, business, media, entertainment others
45 Production transcripts General
46 3Play Media General
47 Focus Forward Transcriptions General
48 A and P Transcription Services General
49 ANP Transcriptions General
50 Softscript Inc. Medicals

Please always verify terms and conditions of usage from each company providing transcription jobs online for beginners and professionals before committing your time.

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Top 5 Websites Offering Transcriptionist Jobs from Home No Experience plus for Experienced

  1. TranscribeMe: TranscribeMe provides an easy to navigate site for both transcriptionists and service client. TranscribeMe pays a rate of $20 per audio hour of transcription work which is $20 per four to six hours of transcribing from audio to text depending on your typing speed. TranscribeMe is quite reliable and popular amongst transcriptionists. You take a short and easy test, and once you pass the test, the process is already complete, and you can commence work immediately to earning your first payment on TranscribeMe.
  2. Scribie: Scribie guarantees her clients 98% accuracy level, and so you must be pretty set to work it out to work with Scribie. The transcriptionists get paid $10 per audio hour of work and cash out from as small as $1 in your account. You are first expected to take a practical test to rate your transcription skill before you commencement. Payment is only via PayPal for now.
  3. Speechpad: Speechpad through its use of very accurate computer-based software makes the work of her transcriptionist a lot easier and with precision. They offer top transcription jobs online no experience and pay transcriptionist $.25 per audio minutes for beginners and $2.50 per audio minute for more experienced transcriptionists. You get ratings for quality jobs, and the dashboard indicates your status to determine the kind of jobs you can get on the site. You have the freedom to pick the type of task and volume of work you can handle. You receive payments via PayPal every Friday instantly and on request.
  4. Rev: Rev is a well-known name in the transcriptionist business recruiting worldwide. Its qualification test is slightly on the delicate side. The rates paid per audio minute at first are low but increases after transcribing 100 audio minutes successfully. You receive payment on a weekly basis via PayPal at the price of $0.40 to $0.65 per audio minute.
  5. Tigerfish: Tigerfish is an organization with close to 3 decades experience in the transcription business and expects applicants to take a test before commencing of work as a transcriptionist. To work you also need to download the Express Scribe software free to transcribe audio to text. Payment per audio minute is in the range of $.30 to $.40 for every line transcribed.

Experience, Qualification, and Training for a Transcriptionist

Some transcription jobs expect transcriptionists to have 6 to five years’ experience; others require essential typing experience. For eligibility and training, some transcriptionist hiring company involves certification by AHDI, diploma or degrees. For medical transcriptionist, you would need a qualification in medical transcription, medical assistant, health information technology and more. For some of the best companies to work as online transcriptionist please go through our list of 50 transcription hiring companies above to verify their offering before committing to them. But please understand that to earn consistently as a transcriptionist takes time, training, discipline and commitment.

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