Best Websites for Remote Transcription Jobs

Remote transcription jobs are popular ways of making money from home. There is a ton of websites offering people great opportunities to making money from their home and anywhere. These jobs give them the chance to make extra income during their free time. To those who chose to do transcription work from home as a full-time business also finds it a lucrative way of earning money than working in a 9-5 office job. If you’re interested working from home for typing jobs, check out this post for a guide.

Online Jobs & Transcription Work from Home Opportunities Websites

  1. Flexjobs: This website offers thousands of jobs in more than 50 categories. Work includes freelance and entry-level jobs. There are also jobs for executive level professionals. Look for transcription work from home opportunities and other jobs on this site.
  2. We work remotely: It is one of best places online to find remote jobs that provide you with an opportunity to make money during your free time. You may be able to find the best transcription jobs here.
  3. This is one of the best places to work on remote medical transcription jobs and other freelance opportunities. There are many remote jobs available, including sales jobs and HR jobs
  4. Remotive: Find the best opportunity to work from home on this site. There are many of them available, including for marketing and engineering.
  5. Skip the drive: It may be the perfect place to look for remote medical transcription jobs with no experience.  There are many jobs that let you work from anywhere with your laptop. Visit it today.
  6. Virtual vocations: There are many types of remote jobs available here. Some are for paralegals and technical writers. Work remotely with their team anytime.
  7. Remote ok: There are many types of remote opportunities available here. Some include for design, development, and sales.
  8. Working nomads: There are many remote businesses and opportunities offered by the site. Begin your search now.
  9. Jobspresso: You can upload and post your resume here so that employers can find you for freelance jobs.
  10. Europeremotely: It is one of the best places to earn money online. They are hiring remote developers working in the European time zones.
  11. Jobscribe: This place to work online is offering many types of freelance gigs and jobs. Some include marketing and mobile app development.
  12. Upwork: Find medical transcription jobs remote and many other types of telecommuting jobs on this site. It is one of the best places to work online from home. Opportunities like virtual assistance, writing and translation are available too.
  13. Guru: Accept jobs and work anytime on this site that lets you build your online profile for better employment chances.
  14. Find a remote transcription job on this site with more than 13 million users worldwide.
  15. It is one of the best marketplaces for remote workers. Check it out for your first freelance opportunity today.
  16. Coworks: Get started working online and work with top companies and agencies worldwide.
  17. It is a freelance website for web developers.
  18. This website is for tech and digital experts. Some jobs include software engineering, management, and customer support. Check it out to discover an opportunity that fits your skills and experience.
  19. Outsourcely: The website is always looking for new additions to their remote team. Check it out for opportunities including customer service, translation, writing, and content.
  20. Toptal business: It is one of the best freelancer websites to consider for remote work.
  21. Fiverr: Check out this site for remote legal transcription jobs and many other gigs. They are always looking for workers who know how to design a Facebook ad or edit an image using Photoshop.

remote transcription jobs categoriesWhy Remote Transcription Work and Jobs Are Very Popular

  1. Remote radiology transcription jobs and other contract-based or hourly online opportunities like typing jobs are popular because they provide workers with an opportunity to make money from home during their free time. Many also work on hourly payment full-time jobs due to the flexibility it offers. Workers don’t have to go to the office and report for a 9-5 job daily but work from their home at any time they want.
  2. Full-time home-based workers, however, know the responsibility of keeping deadline too. Working from home does not always mean that workers should just send or submit work whenever they want. There are many companies offering remote jobs that require deadlines and on time submissions. If you think you have the discipline and commitment to spend enough number of hours and submit work on time, then a work from home opportunity is for you.
  3. Medical transcription remote jobs because it provides workers with the chance to earn unlimited income depending on how fast they accomplish their tasks. They can also sign up for different remote transcription services, meaning more opportunities waiting for freelance workers. So if you are serious about making money from home and you can keep up with the demands and requirements of a service, then you can make much money working from anywhere in the world. Working on legal transcription jobs remote also provides remote workers with the flexibility to work anywhere they desire. They can work on the go and remotely, even in their hotel rooms.
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Types of Remote Transcription Job Openings

There are certain transcription remote jobs you need to know before applying for one. Check out the following for the main categories in transcription you may have to deal with engaging in remote typing jobs:

  • General: Before applying for remote pathology transcription jobs, you may have to start with this one. You can transcribe just about any audio file under this category. It can be an interview, dictation or phone call. The audio file can also be a video webinar or a podcast.
  • Legal: Just like a remote radiology transcription, this type is more than a general typing job.  It can be a court hearing, deposition or anything related to the law. Legal typing job can also be formatted in a more difficult manner. It will depend on the website/service where you are working.
  • Medical: This is the most difficult type of transcription applicable for advanced and experienced workers. In many cases, websites and services are looking for workers, who have a certificate, especially if working for a hospital or direct healthcare provider. Start with smaller medical transcription jobs if you have just engaged in this type of work. Accuracy is very much important in this category.

Transcription Remote Jobs

  1. Deposition Services: This is the company for experienced typists and transcriptionists.
  2. Dictate Express: Applicants must have at least two years of experience to qualify here.
  3. eTranscription Solutions: The company is only hiring advanced workers able to type at least 80 words per minute.
  4. Expedict: They are hiring advanced typists.
  5. eWord Solutions: People looking to apply for remote radiology transcription or any transcription job must be based in the United States.
  6. Birch Creek Communications: They are looking for corporate and legal transcriptionists. They can offer opportunities even for beginners. The rate differs based on the file’s length and type.
  7. CastingWords: They are accepting applicants from 66 countries. There is a wide range of opportunities available in the company.
  8. Crowdsurf: They are always on the lookout for new typists to join their remote team.
  9. Daily Transcription: The transcription work from home opportunities available in the company includes legal, corporate and entertainment jobs. They also accept workers in all skill levels. You can check out their official page for a list of typing jobs available.
  10. Get Transcribed: They can offer many types of remote typing jobs for QA or reviewer positions as well as general typists. You will receive monthly payments through PayPal.
  11. GMR Transcription: They offer many types of transcription positions, and some are about medical conditions. They require much accuracy for their workers, as medical transcription requires much attention to details. You must pass the test if you’re a beginner.
  12. Neal R. Gross: The company offers fair opportunities to everyone looking for good transcription jobs. They also accept legal transcriptionists, but they want only applicants that can process at least 60 words per minute and work a minimum of 30 hours per week.
  13. Fantastic Transcripts: The company is for those looking for remote typists, but they are not always hiring. You must check out their page once in a while to stay updated of their openings.
  14. Orion Transcription: They are looking only for US-based applicants that have at least two years of experience in the field.
  15. OutSec: This company is based in the UK, but it accepts people from around the world.

There you have a quick guide on what to know about the different remote typing and transcription jobs available for you. Check out their official pages and compare your options for the best experience working remotely on these transcription jobs.

Apply for remote transcription jobs and earn unlimitedly today!

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