Best Transcription Jobs 2015

A transcription job is a type of business that is converting speech either recorded or “live” into an electronic or written text document. Some of the job available includes legal, business or medical transcription. The common type of transcription is spoken language into text.

Entry Level Transcription Jobs 2015

  1. AccuTran – This is an entry-level online transcription jobs and it is a great place to begin with.

  2. ANP – Even though the site says that they only hire freelance transcriptionists, they still hire entry level as long as you can pass the test.

  3. BAM! Transcription – They are hiring entry-level transcriptionists and you need to make sure that you pass the audio test to become part of the company. Anyone can apply through email on the site.

  4. GMR Transcription – It is one of the transcription services for legal, general and medical transcription. They do not require any experience but requiring 98 percent accuracy. Canada or US candidates are available. New typists should complete two hours of audio before they can receive paid work.

  5. Cheap Transcription Services –  It is a very affordable transcription company and since it offers low rates for clients, it’s always ready to hire new typists to deal with the large amount of orders.

  6. Tigerfish– It is an entry-level company and US citizen or legal residents should apply only.

  7. Verbal Ink – They hire entry-level transcriptionists but you need to pass the test. You are required to tell in your email how you can be a good asset to the company or to the service.

  8. VerbalFusion  Inc – They are offering general transcription and they hire entry level transcriptionists as long as you pass the test.

  9. VSI Media – The Company is growing and they are hiring home transcribers with experience in broadcast media field. The company is seeking for project leaders with the ability in handling multiple projects. They are situated in Southington, USA with numerous clients in broadcast industry.

  10. Zoom Transcription – They have general transcription and they are hiring entry level transcriptionists but applicants must pass the test.

transcription jobsGeneral Transcription Companies Requiring Some Experience: Online Transcription Services 2015

  1. 1-2-1 Services – They are seeking for individuals who can dedicate at least twenty hours every week and with five years of experience. Applicants should be willing to learn other aspects of transcription work. You should at least type 65 WPM.

  2. Absolute Document Services (ADS)  – It is an online service offering legal, medical and general transcription. They are hiring and offering trainings.

  3. Academic Transcription Services – This company specializes in academic transcriptions are is looking for typists familiar with academic referencing standards.
  4. Accentance – It is a service that offering general transcription that is situated in Virginia. They are working in multimedia whether audio or video.

  5. Accuro – This service is handling legal, medical and general transcription. They are only accepting experienced transcribers coming from the United Kingdom.

  6. Adept Word Management, Inc. – The company is providing media, corporate and medical service.

  7. Alice Darling Secretarial Services – They are a recorded and general statement transcription. For minimum requirements, you need to type at least75 WPM, with great grammar and English language skills. You should be experienced in word processing and transcription.

  8. ANP Transcriptions – The service is offering medical, corporate, financial and legal transcriptions. They are hiring entry-level transcribers as long as you pass the test. There are translation service being offered and you need to apply online.

  9. At Home Typing Service – They are hiring transcriptionists with at least five years of experience that can type 70 words per minute. If you want to work at home typing jobs, check out the employment opps page of the site. Never use the contact page in inquiring for employment. You need to ensure that you meet the qualifications listed on employment opps page.

  10. BAM! Transcription – They are offering entertainment, legal and general transcription. They are hiring entry-level transcriptionists but you need to pass the audio test. You should apply through email.

  11. Cambridge Transcriptions – They are legal and corporate transcription service. You should check out current vacancies.

  12. Capital Typing – They are offering general and medical transcription. They have translation and data entry services as well.

  13. Caption Colorado – Pieces of training are available in the company and for software setup, it includes CAT software, steno machine but it is only available for Canadian based contractors only.

  14. CASET Associates – They are offering transcription and conferencing reporting service. For applicants, they need to type at least 90 words per minute.

  15. Chromolume Transcription – They are offering general transcription and hiring transcriptionists but they should have some experience.

  16. CLK Transcription, Inc – They are a non-medical and medical service. If you want to check out their employment, you can visit the About Us tab of them.

  17. CMR Transcription – The service is offering academic, medical and business transcription. They also offer webinar, webcast and podcast transcription that has the ability to record streaming events.

  18. Cyber Dictate – They are a general transcription service and seeking for US based transcribers only. They are currently hiring legal transcriptionist with a typing speed of 80 words per minute.

  19. Daily Transcripts – They offer entertainment, corporate and academic transcription service. It is open for both novice and professional transcribers wherein they should apply online. They are seeking for transcribers who are available part time or full-time basis.

  20. Elite Office Solutions – It is a legal, medical and corporate service and they are hiring transcribers with three years of experience.

  21. eTranscription Solutions – It is a general transcription service requiring applicants to at least type 80 words per minute.

  22. Eword Solutions – It is a legal, insurance and general transcription.

  23. Expedict – It is an online service and currently looking for transcribers with experience on general transcription.

  24. Express Document Services – They are online service offering legal, academic, medical, corporate and government transcription. For applicants, they are requiring experience.

  25. Fantastic Transcripts – They are a service with technical, financial and business terminology. It is a company that is perfect for students with transcription and typing skills.

  26. Focus Forward – It is a general transcription service and seeking for some transcription experience. They must have English transcribers and can take at least four hours of sound every week.

  27. GMR Transcription – It is a business, legal or medical transcription service. If you want to apply, they are not requiring any experience but it requires 98 percent of accuracy. Canada and US citizens are only eligible.

  28. Greenlight Transcription – They are a medical, technical and business transcription. They do not overseas inquiries.

  29. Hi-Tech Transcription Services – It is a legal, medical, business and financial transcription.

  30. Holywood Transcriptions – You can apply online and they are offering general transcriptions.

  31. iDictate – It is a legal, medical and general transcription service. You can apply though the quicktate and they are hiring beginners.

  32. JHTS Transcription Specialists – The service is a general transcription that is UK based. For quiries, check out their email.

  33. Just Your Type Service –They are offering general transcription.

  34. Mass Transcription – It is a legal and general transcription.

  35. Modern Day Scribe – They have general transcription service and hiring US based transcribers only.

  36. Morningside Partners– They are a financial and broadcast transcription. They also offer government and political transcriptions.

  37. Clark Fork Communications – They are offering data processing, legal and corporate transcription service. They are hiring entry level experience but US citizens online with a minimum 60 WPM.

Go and grab the opportunities offered by these top 50 companies for a transcription job today!

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