Best Work from Home Jobs in South Africa

When talking about work from home the first thing that must be looked at is what it is and what are the benefits. Today there is so much talk about work from home and it is important to see why this is so. Work at home simply refers to works that you can do from the comfort of your home. Some of them are unique in that they do not require you to be physically present at an office and some of them are similar to office jobs but can be done from the comfort of your own home. There are many benefits of this. The first is for the employer and statistics show that employers can save as much as $11, 000 when their employees work from home. Then there is the added advantage of working even in cold weathers when outdoor movement is inhibited since you can work from your home. What is more is that you would be able to make extra cash and work at your own convenience. You would also be able to decide when your off days would be, a number of jobs you would take and how much you would love to earn. These are some of the benefits of work from home jobs in South Africa of which freelance transcription jobs is a good example.

office work could be done from home

Top 5 Best Work from Home Jobs in South Africa

In this segment we would be looking at 5 of the best remote vacancies in South Africa and below they are briefly discussed.

  • work from home jobs in south africaArticle writing: This is one of the top remote jobs in South Africa. It involves basic writing skills, basic research skills and good typing skills. It is very popular because there are tons and tons of wring jobs that are constantly available for writers. These means that there is job availability in this area and you are always going to find something to do. This is one of the great things about these writing jobs and why it is one of the awesome freelance popportunities in South Africa that you can use to optimize your earnings.
  • Transcription jobs: This is the next set of jobs and it generally involves simple writing skills, typing skills, listening skills and proofreading skills. Some of the jobs may, however need one to be able to utilize transcription software. These jobs entail transferring of audio and video file content into text format and there are many of these jobs available online. So you would always find one that you can easily do.
  • Data entry jobs: One of the popular work from home jobs in South Africa is data entry jobs. Basically one would need to have good typing skills and a good knowledge of excel too. These jobs also provide tons of tasks that one can easily do and get paid. It represents one of the good work from home jobs in South Africa because there is always work available for one to do.
  • Website designing jobs: website designing jobs are another good work from home jobs in South Africa. Of course unlike some of the other work from home jobs they require a certain amount of skills and so they pay slightly higher than other work at home jobs in South Africa. With businesses constantly moving to the online market space, there is a constant demand for website designers and so there is a regular influx of fresh jobs for website designers. This is another reason why is a great work from home job in South Africa.
  • Apps creating jobs: Just like website designing jobs, aps creating jobs are also lucrative because they require specialized skillset. It is also one of the top transcription jobs in South Africa.

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Companies with Transcription Jobs

Below is a list of 4 companies that offer good transcription jobs.

You can now appreciate some of the top work from home jobs in South Africa as well as what their basic requirements are.

Transcription jobs in South Africa represent one of the good work from home jobs in south Africa that you can try.

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