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It may be really interesting for you to find out that Philippines today is one of the top freelance workplaces in the world. Why is that so? There are many benefits that the freelance market like in the Philippines. Freelance jobs actually serve as the main stay when it comes to work from home jobs in Philippines and transcription jobs in the Philippines is one of them. In this article we would be looking at this in more detail. But what does work from home in Philippines mean and what are some of the benefits. Online jobs in Philippines generally refers to jobs that you can do from the comfort of your home. They are usually simple jobs although some may be complex, but generally they are jobs that you do not need to be physically present at an office to get it done. It offers enormous benefits to all that are involved in it. Some of these benefits include being able to do what you love and get paid, working at your own convenient time, earning extra money and saving costs of transportation and other expenses associated with remote work in Philippines. Transcription jobs in Philippines are a good example of these work from home jobs. You can work as voicemail transcriptionist or writer or whoever you want.

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Top Work at Home jobs in the Philippines

Here we would look at the top 5 work at home jobs in Philippines so that you would be able to appreciate what these jobs are and why they can earn you some extra cash. You would also be able to see what is required of them as this would help you know the one that is ideal for you. Below are 5 of the top work at home jobs in Philippines.

  • work from home jobs in philippinesArticle writing jobs: these are one of the top work from home jobs in Philippines. They require simply writing and researching skills as well as a good typing speed. Generally there are surplus of work on this front and it represents a good way for writers in the Philippines to earn extra cash. The tons of writing job that are available means that one would always find something to do. It also means that one can earn as much as one can do. Generally, a number of articles you can write would determine how much you would earn. Article writing jobs generally covers a variety of topics and titles and this is why good research skills may be required.
  • Apps creating jobs: This is another awesome online jobs in Philippines, the pay on this job is usually higher than those of article writing jobs because the skillset required is higher. It is one of the good jobs that are available today that one can do from the comfort of their home. And with many apps coming in to the app market daily, there is always going to be an influx of work from home jobs in Philippines with this description.
  • Transcription jobs: Then there are the transcription jobs in Philippines. Generally what you need here are skills like good typing skills, proofreading skills, ability to use transcription software and of course a good appreciation of the language that the content to be transcribed is in. You would also need to have good listening skills. It basically requires you to transfer audios and videos into text formats. The pay for transcription Philippines also represents another reason why you would want to consider these jobs.
  • Website designing jobs: Just like apps creating jobs, website designing jobs are also more skill specific than some of the other work from home jobs in the Philippines. This means that the pay is also higher. And with many businesses opening up online every day, there is always surplus of these jobs in the Philippines.
  • Data entry jobs: These are simply work from home jobs in the Philippines. Generally they entail basic excel skills and simple typing skills.

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Top 5 Companies in the Philippines Offering Transcription Jobs

With this help, you can begin to appreciate the different work from home jobs in Philippines and what they entail.

Transcription jobs in Philippines represent one of the good work from home jobs that you can start with!

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