How to Make Transcription Video Faster and Easier

How do you perform transcription video tasks? One of the major problems of amateur transcribers is working on videos that they need to transcribe into texts, and it becomes harder if they have to do it without aid from some genius tools, such as video transcription software. Because the job of transcribing requires so much of typing, backing up and stopping over and over again, amateur transcribers find it hard to accomplish their task, but not anymore if they would learn how to make use of easy to use tools online that we’re going to share as well as tips on how to do it easier.

Transcription Video: Best Ways to Do It

You can solve the problem of going over again using the hotkeys, which can aid you without taking your fingers off the keyboard; learning of these hotkeys can make your transcription work easier and faster because it can streamline the process and help you finish the job on time.

  • Use Listen N Write if you are with Windows. It can let you play media files, while at the same time it can also provide you with text editing space just below the tool. You can also make use of keyboard shortcuts to play, move or jump backwards or forwards for a couple of seconds. It can automatically back up when you pause, and it has Smart Pause N Play feature, which is very useful. There is also an available version wherein you don’t need installation.
  • Utilize PotPlayer, which is able to support a wide range of hotkeys that can make your transcription job easier. This is also ideal of you are using Windows that can play almost all types of media file formats without the need to install codecs on your PC and it can be controlled using hotkeys or global hotkeys. You can control your experience in terms of pausing, playing or inching forward or backward when transcribing. But then, you will need a good text editor or word processor, such as LibreOffice.

There you have our tips on how to have a great experience with transcription video jobs. Definitely, you will need tools like such we have mentioned above for aid to accomplish your tasks faster. Study your options well and choose the best video transcription software today!

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