List of Most Necessary Voice Transcription Software for Everyone

Working as a transcriptionist, there are tool to make your job easier and faster, and one of those is voice transcription software. This is an indispensable tool to have if you want to get professional results from the transcription tasks you are working on.

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  1. Listen N Write is one of the most useful tools for transcriptionists because it is designed and made for files, including WAV and MP3. They are good for text editing, bookmarks and playback, too. You can simplify your work with this tool.
  2. VoxSigma is voice transcription software to use in this job with its multiple language capabilities. You can depend on it for your professional transcription tasks, no matter how heavy your workload is.
  3. Enhilex Medical Transcription is for medical transcriptionists as the name says, and it also works perfectly for folder and word listing. You can manage your tasks effectively with this tool, but upgrade your version for a few bucks.
  4. InqScribe is voice transcription software to help you in your job with its multiple language support. It also lets you insert time codes as well as use analysis codes. You can use it for its flexibility that will help you in finishing your tasks sooner.
  5. Dragon Naturally Speaking is an innovative voice transcription tool to use with its great functions, including dictation, command input and text-to-speech functions. Make your work easier with this col tool that you should not forget if you are in this business.
  6. MacSpeech Scribe is a good tool to use for both Apple software and hardware with its efficient and smart functions. It can help you in saving your work in many file types, including .m4a, .mp4 and others.
  7. Express Scribe should not be skipped in terms of voice transcription software because it has cool and great functions to help you come up with accurate results. This is dubbed as one of the most powerful tools for every transcriptionist.

These tools are great but do you really think transcription machines can cope with the task the same way a human does?

There you have the voice transcription software for you to choose from, so visit their sites and find out which among them is the right one for your online transcription jobs needs and requirements. Nevertheless, they are all well reviewed by most professionals in the business.

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