List of Typing Jobs Working From Home

typing jobs from home


To make your life easier, it is better when you have a list of typing from home jobs to save much of your time and will not need to research for companies you can apply for. If you decided to work from home and you want to earn some additional money, here are companies you might want to have or choose.

List of Best Typing Jobs Work From Home

  • Axion data: In this company, you need to work independently and you will be paid per piece. The only problem with this company is that the rare job openings. What you need to do is to register and then wait for the confirmation because they have numerous typists working from them that means waiting for open slot is rare but you can opt for another company.
  • Birch Creek Communications: As of now, the only open position of the company is transcriptionists. If this work is okay with you, then you need to visit the page of the company to know more information and for you to apply for it.

  • Capital typing: The company is offering numerous services, all you need – to visit the website to know what work fit for you. To work for them, you need to contact them because they don’t have application form that you need to sign. You should inquire about the position you want.

  • Freelancer: It is located in Australia and the company is the world largest outsourcing marketplace allowing people to find typing job projects. With it, it has thousands of clients looking for independent worker around the world. You need to bid and prove that you can able to complete the project in certain period.

  • Verbal Inc: The company has job openings for translators and transcriptionists. If you want to work with them, you need to visit their page to know the requirements. You also need to send your cover letter and resume.

Typing jobs at home are good thing because people can earn from it and can make extra income for them but it is required to make a little research on the company to avoid scams.

Get started today and don’t waste any time!

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