Medical Transcription Jobs

Do you want to work as a medical transcriptionist? There are certain things to know if you want to belong and excel in the medical transcription industry, and as you are getting started, learn some tidbits here. Also we offer list of medical transcription schools.

What Are the Types of Medical Transcription?

  1. Family practice

  2. Internal medicine

  3. Orthopedics

  4. Cardiology

  5. Neurology

  6. Radiology

  7. Rehab medicine

  8. Pediatrics

  9. Physical therapy

  10. Ophthalmology

  11. Hematology and oncology

  12. Ob/Gyn

  13. Gastroenterology

  14. General surgery

  15. Plastic surgery

Among those listed, what is it you are passionate in? By determining which area you are interested in, it will be easier to practice and then excel on it. But apart from it, you may also want to know of the average medical transcriptionist salary. Check out the following:

  • $26-28K in Utah, Louisiana

  • $29-31K in Kansas and Colorado

  • $32-34K in Missouri

*A complete/comprehensive list of average salary can be found here.

Now, after learning of the average salary for professionals like you, check out the following for medical transcription statistics you may want to know.

  • Median pay: $34,020

  • Job outlook: 8%

  • Number of jobs: 84,100

  • Employment change: 6,400

Above are only some of the most important facts to know about medical transcription, although it does not cover everything. You can study and weigh your options well in order to stay in the right track and get the best out of being a medical transcriptionist.

Definitely, you will have to exert effort and excel in your craft because of the tight competition you may face once you plunged working as a medical transcriptionist. Prepare your tools and equipment, such as personal computer, headset and other devices and master typing and good listening skills, among other skills needed.

medical transcription jobs


Apply in the online medical transcription jobs to give you the best opportunities out there.

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