Medical Transcription Rates Analysis

Choosing a Reasonable Medical Transcription Rates Online

medical transcription ratesThere are many things to consider when it comes to getting a professional medical transcription services online. Aside from experience, medical transcription testlevel of quality and accuracy, pricing should be a top most priority when choosing the perfect transcription service for you. It can be challenging for most to compare different medical transcription rates mainly because services online differ in pricing structure. The most common method for calculating medical transcription rates is by per transaction, per minute, per page or per keystroke.

Sample Pricing Guide for Medical Transcription Services Rates

Here is a sample chart to easily get an idea on the differences that you may see online in terms of medical transcription services rates.

Example of a five minute, 50 lines of medical transcription through dictation

Price per line:      $0.20 =       total: $10.00

Price per minute:      $2.80 =      total: $14.00

Price per page:      $4.00 =      total: $12.00

Keystroke: 10-15% Premium over price per line depending if the client has specific guidelines for formatting

The most common method used in many transcription services is measuring your project per minute. For example, a company charges you $4 per minute of medical transcription for a 24 hour turnaround result. An average of 9-12 lines is transcribed per minute so the total cost per minute of medical transcription would be around $0.38. This is a good option for those who want to avail affordable solutions and get the best value for their money.

Another is the transcription prices per page transaction which is more commonly adapted for home based medical transcriptionists. Local clients tend to prefer per page pricing as they get to pay each page, whether or not the project is partial or full page. In fact, there is a possibility you can negotiate for a cheaper rate when your task is not a full page transcription project. Of course, you should never compromise the quality of your task just to save money. Those who squeeze in their medical transcription into a single page often end up with a less readable and unprofessional content.

For larger projects, keystroke pricing structure is the best option. It can be difficult to completely track the total number of keystroke in your document but you can also get a report as many transcriptionists use a program that counts the total.

Medical transcription services rates also considers various details like turnaround time and transcript options. To most companies they can offer the following medical transcription rates based on timeframe:

  • 7 business days = $1.90/minute
  • 3 business days = $2.10/minute
  • 2 business days = $2.60/minute

Many transcription services online provide you with quote form thus allowing to calculate the exact total of your medical transcription rates before you order. This is efficient as you can compare which company can provide you the fastest and most affordable service. You will know the total cost of your project upfront.

Avail Cost Effective Medical Transcription Rates Online

Many medical transcription services rates online vary depending on the volume of the task, the type of project, local employment trend and the expertise of your transcriptionist. Before you start working with medical transcriptionists, make sure that you get a price estimate. Calculating an estimate of your total medical transcription rates will help avoid unnecessary fees and hidden charges. Getting online medical transcription service is a lot cheaper and affordable plus it complies with the medical transcription pricing policy. Remember to research first which transcription service online that offer you unmatched cost benefits; this way, you can save up to 50% of total costs.

Get the best guide to medical transcription rates and services online to make the most out of your money!

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