The Most Awarded Medical Transcription Schools

Medical transcription schoolsIn line with the modernizing trend among home-based voice to text users and clients, several schools especially equipped for medical transcription jobs have been set up. These medical transcription schools are highly competitive and they offer the best types of training when it comes to the technicalities of transcription. Medical transcription is not as easy as it sounds, it is not just typing what you hear. It comes with a bit of computer programming and grammar correction. These have to be leaned if one wants to advance his career in transcription, the following the best medical transcription schools online and classroom set up.

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Medical Transcription Schools Online

1.       Med-Line

is the pioneer and premier healthcare documentation training program offering not just medical transcription but credentialing, coding, and up training. They offer several courses, which include Medical Assisting and Medical Transcription. Accredited and awarded by Approval Committee for Certificate Programs, AHDI and AHIMA. Visit their website today!

2.       Asherworth College

It offers custom courses for different users to adjust to the transcription learning. They offer basic to professional courses that optimize the student’s performance. The course is divided into lesson groups. For more information, visit the school website today!

3.       Everett Community College

43 credit course that compromises of courses that utilize state of the art software and programs. They are trained to obtain an entry-level position in medical transcription. It is accredited by AHDI. Visit their website today!

4.       Ed2go

An online medical transcription school ensures the students to learn viable methods and become equipped as a transcriptionist in a medical career. Financial assistance is available for those who are in need. Do contact them through their official website today!

5.       Andrews School

It provides certificate programs for medical those who want to excel in medical transcription. Functioning since the 1990s, this medical transcription school is top notch and accredited by CHDS and AHDI. Go here today!

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General Schools

1.       Lakeland College

It offers a long, intensive, one-year program for aspiring medical transcriptionists. This school is not only teaching the fundamentals but incorporates computer and software learning as well. They also specialize in teaching administrative procedures; this medical transcription school is accredited by ADHI. Contact them at here.

2.       Lewis and Clark Community College

This school offers short programs, which requires the completion of at least 19 credit units. This medical transcription school is known to instruct Medical Terminology, Medical Transcription, and Advanced Medical Transcription. Visit their website today!

3.       Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College

This school is known to be top notch in delivering medical transcription courses such as Medical Coding and Medical Office Administration. They offer extensive training in the areas as well as the efficient use of resources. This course is completed with 15 credit units. Go here today!

4.       Patrick Henry Community College

One of the medical transcription schools that offer Career Studies Certificate in Medical Transcription. This course is completed with a variable length of 9 to 29 college units completed over a couple weeks to months. Visit their website today!

5.       Westmoreland County Community College

This medical transcription school offers a certificate in Medical Transcription. Unlike most schools that rely on mechanical devices, this school makes use of dictation or spoken word to train its students. Visit their website today!

The schools could be contacted through their official websites. It wouldn’t hurt to learn a little bit more especially with the complicated topics of medicine before entering school for the next transcription job employment. Choose your path correctly starting with the best medical transcription schools today!

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