Top 10 Transcription Companies That Provide Best Services

Whether you are a company looking to hire transcriptionists or you are a transcription professional looking for a job, check out the following for the best companies that offer the best services, and maybe the best jobs, too. Come and let’s begin listing the coolest transcription companies today.

Transcription Companies Offering Great Services

  1. Accutran Global is a Canada-based company offering financial and medical transcription services to clients. It offers home based jobs to workers in the UK, Canada and the US.
  2. Appenscribe is for you for quality transcription services for its clients, with its organized work system and highly skilled professionals.
  3. Accuro is another company to depend on for high quality transcription services. They are based in the UK and work for both legal and medical companies. Check their site and see what it can do for you.
  4. GRM is one of the best in transcriptions with its highly trained and skilled professionals that can work on general, legal and medical transcription jobs.
  5. Tigerfish is always included when it comes to the best transcription company lists because they provide high quality services to their clients and gives good pay and support to their workers. Visit and apply to or hire them today!
  6. Allice Darling is part of the best transcription companies with their high standard services and best professionals in the business. They offer services in many fields, including academia, film and medicine.
  7. Cyber Dictate is another top company for transcription services with their experience in the industry. Apply to them if you have the professional skills and the tools, including an internet connection, a computer and software, among others.
  8. VerbalFusion Incorporated is one transcription company to rely on for quality transcription results. They are always on the lookout for skilled workers, too.
  9. Mass Transription is based in Arizona and it provides integrity work and high quality services. Visit their site and see if they are for you.
  10. Cambridge Transcription is also part of this list because they also offer topnotch transcription services and are always looking for talented people to join their team.

There is much more voice transcription software out there! Glance now!

There you have the top ten transcription companies that you can rely to if you are looking for people to work on your transcription projects as well as if you are an applicant looking for source of income in the field of transcription.

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