Top 5 Online Typing Jobs at Home

Online Typing Jobs at Home



Are you looking for legal transcription jobs and online typing jobs at home? People who are fast typists with high accuracy rate can apply for home based typing jobs that are offered online. If you are one of those looking for legitimate home based jobs employment opportunities because you want to boost your income, then you may want to check out this post to find out the top five employers to offer you a work from home typing opportunity.

Top Five Legitimate Work From Home Typing Jobs

  1. E Transcription Job is where you can sign up and directly apply on their portal. You can send them direct resumes and then they will send back an audio test for you to work on. They will review you qualifications and eligibility after.

  2. American High-Tech Transcription and Reporting caters to clients in the law enforcement, government and corporations, among others, wherein applicants should submit to a background check of the FBI.

  3. AccuTran Global is another company for transcription jobs you may apply at to augment your current income. Apply for jobs they offer, and you will receive jobs to transcribe conferences and meetings in the finance business. You can get up to 0.0066 of a dollar per minute. You need to have at least 70 WPM to take on their offers.

  4. Aberdeen can provide you with captioning, translation and transcription jobs. They usually pay at least a dollar per minute.

  5. Alice Darling is an audio transcription service continuously hiring people to join their team of transcribers. Here, you will find clients that offer academia, science, biotechnology, finance and medical transcription work from home.

Are You Ready to Apply for Legitimate Work from Home Jobs?

If you are, then you should be able to prepare needed documents for their assessment and review; to practice accurate and fast typing; and to allot the time in working from home for audio transcription jobs they offer.

Definitely, you will not run out of choices when it comes to trying all companies that offer legitimate home job businesses and opportunities. You may want to find out more about these companies before applying to any of them to see which the right one for your specialization in typing is.

Apply for online typing work opportunities today!


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