Top 50 Companies That Offer Transcription Jobs from Home

transcription jobs from homeTranscriptionists are independent contractors that are working from home editing and transcribing recorded reports. There are different kinds of transcriptionist such as medical, legal, general and others. If you want to know companies that are offering transcription jobs, here is the list!

We’ve prepared a comprehensive list of companies, which offer amazing job opportunities for all freelancers and people seeking work from home. Check the list below and start applying for your dream job!

Transcription Jobs From Home: Entry Level

  1. AccuTran Global – The company is looking for experience transcribers but they can still hire newbies as long as they pass the test.
  2. BestTypingServices – It’s a transcription service which was founded in 2013. Besides transcription it also has retyping and editing services.
  3. BAM! Transcription – The company is hiring beginners but transcribers need to pass the test. The app is not available on the site, which means you need to contact the service through the contact form of them.
  4. Casting Words – It is a company offering typing jobs from home and beginners can apply. You can decide to work on Amazon Mturk and when you have one dollar earning in your profile, you can request for payout.
  5. Crowdsurf – The service is offering medical transcription jobs at home but transcribers must need to create mTurk account to work on captioning and transcription tasks.
  6. Get Transcribed – It is a new company that was founded in the year 2012 and they are paying 24 cents for audio minute.
  7. GMR Transcription – They are hiring entry-level transcribers coming from Canada and US based only.
  8. Neal R. Gross & Co. – The service is hiring transcribers on 1099 basis. They need to type at least 60 words per minute, can work at night and can commit to work 30 hours every week. With or without experience can apply.
  9. Quicktate – There is no required experience but you need to take a test before you can be hired. They are hiring in US as well as other countries.
  10. RNK Transcription – They are offering entertainment and legal transcription jobs from home.
  11. Scribie – There is no experience but transcribers need to take a test. They are hiring transcribers all over the world but they have waiting list as well as low pay.
  12. Tigerfish – They seek for entry level that should take the required test. They must be based from US only.
  13. T ‘n T Transcriptions & Translations – It is an entry level service and seeking for entry level people requiring them to pass the test before getting hired.
  14. TranscribeMe – This is a company that is open for beginners and they are sending payment via Paypal. There is no experience to be accepted.
  15. Transcribe Team – Beginners can apply and the company is paying .45 up to .65 per minute of audio you transcribed. The payouts are available weekly via Paypal.
  16. Ubiqus – They are hiring all types of transcription and they accept beginners. Transcribers should type at least 70 words per minute.
  17. Typing Service – They are looking for data entry specialists and typists not only for audio tasks.
  18. Verbal Fusion – They seek for entry level and they are hiring US based transcribers. They need to pass the test to be considered.
  19. Verbal Ink – They are hiring general transcribers that are US based only. They prefer experience but beginners can still apply as long as they pass the test.
  20. Verbatim Transcription Services – They have opening for work from home editor. The company is not only a transcription service but it is an editing transcription.

Online Transcription Jobs Requiring Experience

  1. A & P Transcription – They always seek for qualified transcriptionists to become part of their team. The company prefers experienced individuals.
  2. AccuScribe Transcription – They are hiring experienced transcribers to work at home. If you want to apply, you need to submit cover letter and a resume.
  3. Alice Darling Secretarial Services – Transcribers should at least type 75 words per minute. They are not always hire that is why it is better to check their career page.
  4. AlphaDog Transcription – They only hire transcribers that are experienced. They prefer transcribers for entertainment and they should reside in Los Angeles area for them to qualify.
  5. At Home Typing Service – The transcription jobs require transcribers to have at least 5 years of experience.
  6. AVTranz – The company is always seeking for experienced transcribers. For applicants, they can submit resume through email.
  7. Babbletype – Sometimes, they have openings for work at home transcribers as well as QA editors. You can check their jobs page to know if they have current openings.
  8. Cambridge Transcription – They are hiring corporate and legal transcribers but experience is required.
  9. Caset Associates – They are hiring transcribers around the world but they need to type at least 90 words per minute.
  10. Chromolume Transcription – They are requiring applicants to have experience. You need to contact the company through email to know if they have openings or if they are hiring.
  11. Cyber Dictate – They are seeking for US based people that have experience in legal transcription.
  12. Deposition Services – The company has openings for legal experienced transcribers. Sometimes, they are required to visit the office for training before they can start working from home.
  13. Dictate Express – The company requires applicants to have at least 2 years of experience and they are hiring legal transcriptionists.
  14. eTranscription Solutions – It is a company that sees for people with no less than 80 words per minute. Take note that experience is needed and you need to check out the career page for more details.
  15. Expedict – The company is hiring experienced audio transcriptionists. The company receive lot of applicants that is why it takes a while to get a reply from them.
  16. eWord Solutions – They require some experience for applicants that are US candidates only. They are sending 5 files each week. They do not have employment information on the website wherein you need to use the contact form in inquiring for jobs.
  17. Fantastic Transcripts – The company requires experience but they are not hiring as of now. You need to visit them once in a while if they have openings.
  18. Focus Forward –The company is often hiring and experience is required. They are accepting Spanish and English language transcriptionists.
  19. Hollywood Transcription – They require experience even though it’s not stated on their website. Transcribers should at least type 65 words per minute.
  20. Landmark Associates – Applicants should take the test and they must have experience.

Best Online Transcription Companies Hiring

  1. Net Transcripts – Transcribers should pass the background check for them to qualify and they are also hires for financial transcription.
  2. NoteVault – The company has openings occasionally and they are looking for people to transcribe construction transcription.
  3. On the Record Reporting and Transcription – Applicants should live in Austin, TX because they are required to working in office for training but they can work at home after the training.
  4. Orion Transcription – The opening is available for US citizens only wherein 2 years of experience is required.
  5. OutSec – It is a UK based company hiring around the world. Transcriptionists should at least 2 years of typing experience for them to be considered.
  6. Multilingual Connections – The company is hiring home based transcription. Applicants must need to be fluent in English language for them to qualify for the job.
  7. Preferred Transcriptions – They have general, legal and medical transcription. Transcribers should have one-year experience to be qualified.
  8. Production Transcripts – Applicants should be experienced and they are required to fill out the application form.
  9. Reporting USA – The company is hiring for legal transcription and they prefer individuals to have experience. The payment is per page and rates depending on client’s turnaround time.
  10. Modern Day Scribe – Applicants should contact the company via email to know if they are still hiring. The company hires only US based citizens.

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