Top Translation Companies That Provide the Best Services

If you need to convert important documents from one language into another, you really can’t take any chances when it comes to the quality of service provided. Translation is an art form just as much as it is a hard skill, and not just anyone can become a translator even when they’re totally fluent in both of the languages in question. The top translation companies offer only those native speakers who have truly mastered the art and skill of putting your words into those of a foreign tongue.

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The Most Useful Language Translation Companies

Language translation companies can actually be found all over the place, with bilingual speakers setting up their own translation service agency and trying to use their skills for the good of those who don’t speak their specific tongues. However, not all translation service companies are born alike. It takes quite some work to find a language translation agency that’s really worth its salt, unless you have a helping hand that gives you the top ten translation service companies all on one page.

Best Translation Services

best language translation companies

This particular company is brave enough to even call itself the best translation service USA can provide, but there are more than enough reasons to warrant this when you see what this language translation agency can offer. Not only do they offer experienced human translators who thoroughly work through your documents as per your agreed schedule, they also provide a second proofreader completely free of charge. This is the finest method for guaranteeing 100% accuracy.

One Planet

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As far choosing a translation service agency goes, you can’t go far wrong with One Planet. It combines human knowledge with machine learning to make sure that your translation contains all the proper terminology. Their focus lies primarily on translations between European and Chinese languages. However, the main issue you’ll face is that their services are not as global as they ought to be.

Straker Translations

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You’ll find that Straker Translations is particularly useful if you have more than just documents to translate. This translation company agency also focuses on video transcriptions and website translations. However, you’ll find that you sometimes have to alter your their work to fit the original formatting you had in mind.


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You may find inWhatLanguage to be the best translation agency when it comes to preserving the cultural notes that are often layered through any given translation. This is not to mention that their quality control processes are perhaps second to none. Their major downside is that they seem not to have paid enough attention to making it clear that they have the expected accreditations to carry out their work.


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You can consider Net-Translators a great choice if you’re working in business as it’s an agency that provides translation services for all sorts of software that companies tend to use. Generally speaking, it’s a great translation company agency to use, but their translators are limited to working with a maximum of 60 language pairs which is far below the expertise advertised by most other agencies.

Day Translators

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The step-by-step approach taken by this excellent Florida-based company is what makes it one of the best translation agency options if you and your colleagues are based in the United States. You’ll get your documents assessed by translators, proofreaders and even design professionals to make sure that the translation looks exactly as it should. Unfortunately, unlike many Floridian companies, Day Translators don’t yet offer search engine optimization translations for your websites.

Dynamic Language

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This is a wonderful choice if you require a fully certified agency that provides translation services for high-tech software and other technical work. Their translators are clearly knowledgeable in a range of fields beyond general translation, so you’re certainly in safe hands if you want your software to be translated and localized. If there’s a con to all these pros, then it’s that Dynamic Language costs quite a bit more than the other providers listed here.

Foreign Translations

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The main focus of Foreign Translations is to help your company go global. This involves a range of tasks that go beyond mere translations, and to this end, they’ll assist you with search engine optimization to get your company noticed in foreign online markets. Despite all of these positive points, it’s worth noting that they do not offer Turnkey localization services.


Gengo agency

You will quickly become aware why Gengo has hit the news. It uses the principles of crowdsourcing to enable to you gain access to a wide number of different opinions on what the correct translation of your documents should be. This can be great when you find an expert in your field, but of course, this can quickly turn into a downside when you end up with amateurs having their say.

Babylon Professional

Babylon Professional agency

What sets Babylon Professional apart from many other services is that they offer you the opportunity to select a translator who has a proven track record in your particular subject area. This leads to an overall higher quality of translation with fewer errors based on lack of specialist knowledge. The major con associated with this option is that desktop publishing of any kind won’t be something they can help with.

Only the Best Will Do

It’s never a good idea to cut corners when it comes to translating important content from one tongue into another. You could end up with all sorts of unintended consequences if you let an amateur handle your translation questions, so make sure you choose only the top translation companies in the business. When you have the finest linguists on your side, you’ll get your objective completed in record time and with perfect accuracy.

Choose only the top translation companies for your personal and business needs. Make the right choice and get your voice heard.

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