Top Work from Home Jobs in Kenya

When you want know more about work from home jobs in Kenya there are a lot of things that we can tell but in this article, we would be looking at the top popular work from home jobs in Kenya and some of the companies that offer transcription jobs in Kenya. This would definitely help you to properly appreciate what work at home jobs in Kenya are and it will also help you to see how you can key into them. When it comes to work at home jobs you need to appreciate both what it is and what its benefits are. Work at home jobs generally refers to online or offline works and/or service you benefit right from your own chair. It does not usually involve the use of a desk office setting and anyone can do it. In other words, the skills required are not as demanding as those for a desk office job. There are tons of work at home, for instance, best transcribing jobs, and we would review 5 of them below. It is in this that the benefits of work from home jobs in Kenya and transcription jobs Kenya are generally seen. Firstly, there is a plethora of opportunity so you would also find something to do, then there is also constant influx of jobs in that area which means you would always have something bringing in extra cash. All this happens while you spend less on expenses like transportation to and from work as you would have done in an office job.

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Top Most Popular at Home Jobs in Kenya

So here are 5 of the top work at home jobs in Kenya for you to see:

  • work from home jobs in kenyaWriting jobs: writing jobs are very popular and it has been so for a while now. They are on the top work from home jobs in Kenya. The skillset required is not as demanding as other jobs. All it requires is that one possesses minimal amount of writing skills and that they are able to do a few researches on whatever topic that they are required to write on. There are many writing jobs out there, so there is constant inflow of work and this means that their earnings are guaranteed.
  • Website designing jobs: The pay for website designers is obviously higher than those for other work at home jobs in Kenya because the skills required is slightly higher. So for website designers, this is a great work at home job opportunity for them. There are tons of these kinds of job available as many businesses continue to move online and they need a website for this transition.
  • Proofreading jobs: This is another important job for those who want to work at home. They would need to have good use of the language and able to identify wrong tenses, spellings and punctuations etc. There are tons of proofreading jobs that anyone in Kenya can easily make this their ideal work from home job.
  • Transcription jobs: Then there are transcription jobs which are very popular today and this growing increase of this jobs means that one is always going to be able to get this jobs to do. What they require are simple listening skills, ability to pay keen attention so that they can properly transcribe what they have heard or seen, good typing skills and an ability to operate transcription software. Transcription jobs Kenya are another good example of work at home jobs.
  • Apps creating jobs: Then there are apps creating jobs. These jobs offer apps creators a good way to make extra cash and just like website designing jobs these jobs also pay well because of the quality of skill required. It is another great way to earn money for you.

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Top 5 Companies That Offer Transcription Jobs

So you can now appreciate some of the work from home jobs in Kenya. The above companies give you a hint of how you can start transcription jobs in Kenya and make money!

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