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A General Guide to Transcription Prices Online

transcription pricesThe main goal when looking for transcription tools and service online is to avail ultimately affordable rates yet offer high quality standards. Transcription prices are based on numerous factors from the client’s project to the formatting requirements. One of the best things with these rates is that you will receive personalized transcription price as opposed to complying with the general pricing structure which can be expensive if you only have a 30 minute audio that needs to be translated.

The nature of transcription work has numerous variations which is why it can be difficult to calculate the overall cost based on general pricing structure. Of course, you should never judge a transcription service based solely on its prices but you also have to ensure it has high level of experience, responsiveness and quality. Low rates do not necessarily mean low quality; you simply have to find a reliable company that can give you cost effective transcription prices with premium results. Here are some variables that will affect the transcription prices and completion of your task:

  • Subject
  • Accent/language
  • Quality of the source material
  • Verbatim transcription (It takes longer to finish as it includes UHMS, AHH, false starts, etc.)
  • Number of speakers interacting
  • Specific formatting guidelines
  • Purpose of the transcript

Sample Comparative Chart of Transcription Price

There are also factors that clients should be well aware before they avail transcription services online. The better quality your recordings are, the cheaper rates will be as it will require less time to transcribe. Transcription prices can range between $0.10 to $10 so make sure to know if you prefer services that charge by minute, word or hour. The following is a sample transcription price for an hourly rate:

Length of Recording Average Transcription Time Cost
30 minutes 2 hours $50
60 minutes 4 hours $100
90 minutes 6 hours $150
120 minutes 8 hours $200

This transcription price is for project that involves audio, video recordings, CDs and DVDs. The usual hourly rate is around $25 and this includes proofreading and editing your transcript which is very efficient. Ultimately, the final cost of your project will base on factors like length, quality of your source material and number of speakers.

Here is another sample of transcription price per minute:

Audio Minute Rates with Clear Audio Audio Minute Rates with Difficult Audio
With 2 speakers $1.65 $2
With multiple speakers $1.95 $2.20

This transcription prices are commonly used for projects with digital audio recordings. For a 1 hour recording with minimal background noise and maximum of two speakers, the total cost for the project would be $102. You can expect to pay more if your recordings are categorized as difficult like those with excessive background noise, low speaking voices, thick accent or files with poor quality.

Get Best Offers of Transcription Price per Minute Online

The most important aspect to consider when hiring transcription services is not the rate but the quality of the result. Investing in professional services will be a better option than trying out relatively new and inexperienced sites online. Video transcription rates will vary and the best thing you can do before you start hiring is to get final quote of project. Always be careful as there are services online that often has hidden fees, other rates and additional prices. There is a huge difference when it comes to hiring the services of online transcriptionists versus those in your local area. Comparing rates is very viable especially if you have multiple or large projects.

Hire the best services online with reasonable transcription prices to enjoy affordability and quality!

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