Transcription Rates Overview

Rates for Transcription: Why It Differs

transcription services ratesTranscription services are increasingly becoming popular as many prefer having telephone calls, videos, media footage and even legal proceedings transcribe into writing. For those who want their files turned into text form, then you will definitely need good service or transcription machines. One of the common worries is the rate of these services especially if you want to ensure accuracy and quality. The transcription rates depend on the extent of the services required and unique requests required by the customer.

Remember that transcription costs rely on various factors like quality, reputation of the company, and the level of difficulty of your material. These transcription services will enable you to communicate properly to your audience so make sure that you get quality and professional help. Transcription services rates can also increase if your file is of poor quality especially that this will require extra work. Some conditions will apply and it is vital that you know your options to ensure your satisfaction.

Comparative List for Transcription Services Rates

Transcription services online offer guidance and assistance to first time clients to guarantee that they get their money’s worth. Keep in mind that it is not just simple transcription of files but there are factors that should be considered like script style, technical, verbatim or if the document has multiple speakers. The following are comparative rates for transcription services:

  • Price per line = Most transcription rates starts at 17 cents per line which offers reasonable rates for your document. A 60 minute tape can range around $90 – $200 depending how fast the speakers talk and how much is said in a minute.
  • Price per minute = per minute rates for transcription usually starts around $2.20-$4. This transcription rates is best suited for customers with digital audio files. It is best to know how long your files are before you start looking througper minute rates.
  • Price per hour = per hour rates can range between $36 and $200. Keep in mind that you are paying the expertise of a professional which is why it can cost a lot more. This rate, although fairly expensive, is the best solution if you have poor quality recordings and would require experts to ensure accurate results.
  • Price per page = the rates can differ but it usually starts around $20-$150. The final cost of the transcription service will depend on how the page is formatted, its margins or what font is used.

It is important that customers should carefully examine all the details before agreeing on a price structure. Do not worry as many of these services offer net price calculator which will give you a preview on the overall cost for your transcription project.

Getting the Most Out of Best Transcription Rates Online

With the number of reliable services online, the rates for transcription services are actually more affordable and reasonable. In fact, customers can choose from variety of services, rates and turnaround time based on what will work best for their project. Remember that cheap transcription rates do not automatically mean low quality and inconsistencies and the same goes with expensive ones as some services cannot fully guarantee 100% accuracy. The best thing to do would be to make a comparative research on various transcription services rates and inquire on companies that are within your budget. The rates will differ depending on various aspects and the length of your project and the country you’re in like for example transcription rates UK but overall, you are sure to get your money’s worth.

Find out how you to ensure 100% accuracy with the best transcription rates online for your project!

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