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General Guide to Getting Best Transcription Rates UK

transcription rates per minute ukTranscribing interviews, conferences, videos and focus groups can be a real challenge especially if you have no skills or expertise on how to do it. The perfect way to avoid the time consuming task is to avail professional help online. Transcription services are designed to provide you with excellent results at quick turnaround and competitive rates. If you have minimal budget, it is best to familiarize yourself with transcription rates UK to get an idea on the cost of your project.  The major consideration with many is the rates of the services. Transcription rates UK vary depending on the extent of the services, skills, time and length of the project. Many services also offer different services like clean copy, verbatim transcripts, or strict verbatim and these often puts a huge gap in terms of the total cost.

Sample Pricing Structure for Transcription Rates UK

Most sites online offer only a ballpark on transcription rates especially that accurate cost varies on several factors. Before you go and ask for a quote, here are five things that you should keep in mind:

  1. Is your recording clear and does the speakers easy to hear?
  2. How many speakers are there in your recording?
  3. Do the speakers in your file use a single language?
  4. Are there medical or technical terms involved in your recording?
  5. What is the total length of your file?

Only after knowing these crucial factors will you be given an accurate transcription rates UK.

Here are the sample transcription rates per minute UK:

Transcription Service Prices

Interview Transcription

  • One to One – £1.00
  • Three to Four Speakers – £1.10
  • Fix to Six Speakers – £1.20
  • Seven to Eight Speaker – £1.30


  • Special Discount Typing Service – £0.85
  • Standard Typing Service – £1.00
  • Overnight Typing Service – £1.10
  • Four Hour Typing Service – £1.40


  • Medical Transcription – £0.20
  • Verbatim Transcription – £0.10
  • Discourse Analysis Transcription – £0.40
  • 2nd Proofreading of transcript – £0.20

Copy Typing

  • Printed 1000 words – £8.00
  • Handwritten 1000 words – 10.00

For a general transcription service, here is another sample transcription rates per minute UK guide:


Audio transcription rates or video.

  • £1.00 per minute – one week turnaround
  • £1.25 per minute – 72 hour turnaround
  • £1.50 per minute – 48 hour turnaround

Standard Captions

Synchronized text of the dialogue displayed into the video.

  • £1.50 per minute – one week turnaround
  • £2.50 per minute – 48 hour turnaround

Premium Captions

Service extends to creating accurate captions for films, TV shows, and documentaries including dialogue, music and sound effects.

  • £4.00 per minute – one week turnaround

Avail Competitive Transcription Rates per Minute UK Online

Remember that some transcription companies have specific audio requirements but you can get various solutions that will work best with your guidelines. If your audio file has multiple languages, you can expect to pay a lot more. In some cases, transcription rates UK will also vary based on the time frame required to complete the task. An additional charge can also apply for poor quality audios. Take note that some services online require higher transcription rates per minute UK based on several conditions so be sure to check first for any requirements necessary. Investing in quality transcription services with reasonable rates is the best thing to do to ensure accuracy in your project. Choose carefully services that can consistently deliver quality and fast turnaround. You can do comparative research with various sites online to get the best deals in terms of transcription rates UK. 

Learn how to get the best deals in quality and fast turnaround time with affordable transcription rates UK online!

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