Best Companies That Offer Transcription Work from Home

Are you interested in transcription work from home? Transcription is one of the best ways to make money typing from home. It provides parents, students and other professionals a side income without leaving their homes while earning additional earning an opportunity for their needs.

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Best Work from Home Transcription Jobs

Transcriptionists are freelance and independent contractors working from home. They transcribe and edit recorded reports. There are many websites providing legitimate and great opportunities for them. If you are looking for entry level transcription jobs, then check out the best companies willing to pay you for your work as a transcriptionist for them:

  1. AccuTran Global: This company is looking for experienced and newbie workers provided that they pass the exam. You can work for them in medical transcription jobs work from home.
  2. Appenscribe: You can work for medical transcription jobs work from home even if you are a beginner.
  3. BAM! Transcription: You are welcome to apply here even if you do not have experience, but you need to pass the test.  You must contact the service if you want to work using an app.
  4. Casting Words: Find a job on this site offering work from home job for beginners.
  5. Crowdsurf: You need to sign up an account to work on transcription and captioning jobs here.
  6. GMR Transcription: The company is hiring beginners from US and Canada only.
  7. Neal R. Gross & Co.: The company is looking for speed typists that can type at least 60 words per minute.
  8. Quicktate: You do not need the experience to work here, but you should pass the exam before you can be hired. They are hiring transcriptionists from the US and other countries. It can provide you with an extra income working from home using your PC and internet.
  9. RNK Transcription: The company is known for offering legal and entertainment transcription jobs from home.
  10. Scribie: Beginners are also welcome to apply, but they must take an exam and pass it.
  11. Tigerfish: Workers from other countries are not welcome to apply here as they only accept US based transcriptionists.
  12. T ‘n T Transcriptions & Translations: This is another work from home transcription jobs no experience that requires applicants to take an exam and pass it before being accepted.
  13. TranscribeMe: The company has its doors open for beginners in the field. The can send your payment via PayPal.
  14. Ubiqus: They are hiring all types of transcriptionists – legal, general and medical – provided they can type at least 70 words per minute.
  15. Typing Service: The company accepts people without experience.
  16. Verbal Fusion: They are hiring only those from the US. Beginners must pass an exam before they can work here.
  17. Verbal Ink: They only accept workers from the US and prefer experienced workers. They can also accept beginners provided they pass the exam.
  18. Verbatim Transcription Services: They are looking for home editors and transcriptionists working from home.
  19. A & P Transcription: They are looking for experienced workers to become a part of their growing team.
  20. AccuScribe Transcription: This company is looking for freelancer typists looking for home-based typing opportunities.
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Benefits of Transcription Work from Home Jobs

  • You are your own boss: To work on a work from home medical transcription, you don’t have to be an employee of only one company or be under a superior. Working from home, you can earn as much without having to deal with company pressure and comply with policies. You are your own boss, but you need to possess strong self-discipline if you want a steady income from medical transcription work from home.
  • Remote jobs mean no traveling required: Working on a transcription work from home no experience, you don’t have to dress up and travel to and from the office. You can work anytime at the comforts of your home, meaning no need to spend on fuel and gas or drive to and from the office.
  • Unlimited earning opportunities: With dedication and hard work, you can make much money from work from home transcription no experience. You can accept and choose to work unlimitedly depending on your available free time and speed. That said your income isn’t dictated by a payday salary. You can make as much money as you want.
  • Work anytime, anywhere: In today’s mobile and fast-paced world, being stuck on your desk working or going to a 9-5 office job isn’t a good option for many people. If you want to take advantage of cool opportunities while having the flexibility and enjoyment of life you deserve, you may want to engage in work from home opportunities. You can work on transcription jobs anywhere you are, and you can be paid unlimitedly depending on the time and effort you dedicate to it.

What Is General, Medical or Legal Transcription Work from Home?

A transcription work is a typing job that requires typing an audio file or report. It involves listening to a recorded audio file and then typing the content into a document. This finished file will be returned or submitted to the client. Working as a transcriptionist, you will provide the client with the written record of that recorded meeting, conference or an audio file.

Transcription Jobs Work from Home

  1. Alice Darling Secretarial Services: This is a work from home jobs transcription that can pay you for your service, however, you need to type at least 75 words per minute. You must also check their career page because they are not always hiring.
  2. AlphaDog Transcription: This company is not for entry level work from home transcription jobs. They only hire people who are living in LA and are experienced in the field.
  3. At Home typing service: It requires workers to have five years of experience minimum to qualify.
  4. AVTranz: They’re looking for experienced typists all the time, but you must contact them through email to apply.
  5. Babbletype: This company is looking for advanced transcribers and QA editors who want to work at home, but they are not always hiring. You must check their page to know their openings.
  6. Cambridge Transcription: They are in need of legal and corporate, advanced typists. If you are looking for work from home legal transcription, then you may want to check out their official page for more details.
  7. Caset Associates: They are hiring people from all over the world, but applicants must be able to type at least 90 words per minute.
  8. Chromolume Transcription: They are looking for typists that have experience. However, applicants must contact them through email to know about current openings.
  9. Cyber Dictate: The company is looking for US-based workers that can process and work on legal transcriptions.
  10. Deposition Services: Apply here if you want to be a legal transcriptionist. However, they sometimes ask applicants to go to their office for training.
  11. Dictate Express: The work from home jobs transcription want only applicants with at least two years of experience. They are looking for legal transcriptionists.
  12. eTranscription Solutions: They are looking for workers able to process at least 80 words per minute.
  13. Expedict: The company is looking for advanced transcriptionists.
  14. eWord Solutions: This company is looking for advanced workers to take on general transcription work from home. They also want US applicants only. You will be given five files per week if you’re accepted. However, you need to contact them through the contact page if you want to know for a vacancy.
  15. Fantastic Transcripts: The company is looking for advanced and fast typists. You must visit their page to know of their current opening.
  16. Focus Forward: This company is looking only for experienced and advanced typists. They also hire English language and Spanish language transcriptionists.
  17.  Hollywood Transcription: They are looking for typists that can process at least 65 words per minute. They also want only experienced transcriptionists.
  18. Landmark Associates: You must pass the test and have an experience for consideration in this company.
  19. Net Transcripts: They are looking for financial and general transcriptionists. They are doing a background check on applicants.
  20. NoteVault: They are looking for construction transcription workers. You may visit their page if you want to apply and know of their current openings.

Are You Ready for Work from Home Jobs Transcription?

If you’re looking to take advantage of the benefits offered by work from home medical transcription and general transcription jobs, among other industry transcription requirements, then you may want to apply on the websites listed above. Check on their requirements, whether they are hiring beginners or advanced or if they accept workers in your location.

Applying for work from home transcription opportunities, you will have the chance to earn unlimitedly while enjoying the life you want with your loved ones. Just make sure to have the dedication and discipline to succeed in a work from home job.

Get started and visit these websites for transcription work from home today!

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