What Should You Know to Pass Medical Transcription Test

Do you want to pass the medical transcription test? Working as a medical transcriptionist is something for you but unlike other fields in transcription, medical transcribing isn’t as easy as it may sound for some. You will have to pass the medical transcription test and write a capstone project for nursing before you could even practice and get your first job. Check out the following tips to remember before taking your exams.

Medical Transcription Test

If you are looking to make money even from home doing transcription jobs, aside from the transcription typing test that you have to pass, you will have the choice of working as a Level 1 RMT or registered medical transcriptionist or Level 2 CMT or certified medical transcriptionist.

Level 1 RMT is made up of 130 questions, either of fill in the blank or multiple choices. It includes health information technology, medical transcription style basics and standards for medical transcription as well as clinical medicine.

  • First part is composed of basic understanding of medical transcription and knowledge on disease processes, medical terminologies and healthcare records, among others
  • Second part contains transcription exercises using sound files; this is the transcription typing test that assesses you keyboard knowledge and skills also critical thinking skills
  • Three hours are given to complete
  • No reference materials allowed during exams

Level 2 CMT checks your ability, competency and proficiency in dictation. For most applicants, they don’t tempt this unless they have at least two years under their belt because it is not easy to pass.

  • Four hours is the time allowed to finish
  • Focused on acute care transcription samples

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How to Prepare for Medical Transcription Test

  1. Familiarize yourself with medical terminologies and anatomical terms in order to pass the certification test. You should remember the basics as well as the rules, especially in the US if you are working here. You should also be familiar with the rules set by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity.
  2. Study about the types of medical reports, alongside with punctuation rules, medical prefixes and suffixes and abbreviations used in dictations.
  3. Review all the rules in transcription before sitting for the exams.

There you have what to know about the medical transcription test. Find out more and learn how to prepare for it today!

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