Why Transcription Machines Will Never Replace Humans

There are many transcription machines available today, and many of them are performing the jobs of human translators. The problem is that many of these machines cannot exceed a human’s ability of understanding context and text; therefore, results can be unpleasant. And without even saying, these transcription machines cannot still replace the ability and knowledge of humans in terms of transcription.

Why a Transcribe Machine Cannot Replace Human Transcribers

A transcribe machine cannot meet even half of the accuracy that a human can. There are many machines, no matter how sophisticated in technology they are, that cannot beat the accuracy in transcription that professionals can do. That is why many large companies and data centers still utilize the services of a real human being in terms of transcribing their important projects.

Along these lines, these machines cannot really understand a wide range of languages and their structure, grammar rules and text in general. While they can automate transcription, they are not as effective as critical human understanding of the real world language. Humans can decide on the correctness of the text and its meaning but a robot cannot.

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Transcription machines cannot really replace humans in many aspects of the job. For one, robots cannot read and they are just programmed by humans, too. Therefore, the information they have when it comes to the rules and guidelines in transcriptions are not enough as compared to a human that can update himself of the latest trends and acceptable practices in transcribing. People can hear and read texts correctly, but a robot cannot. Therefore, software for transcriptions may end up not understanding the audio to transcribe, especially in complicated works, including medical and law texts.

Humans can understand the meaning of the text that they translate. In this case, clients do not have to worry that their projects will contain errors in transcription. Without even saying, professionals can do their transcription jobs well, especially in terms of proofreading the tasks that they are working on, and it is not something that a robot can do. Humans can understand speech patterns and machines cannot.

So if you are looking for an option to have your work transcribed, go for a human and not a robot or machine transcriber for accuracy and proficiency of the tasks you are expecting. Humans can catch errors but robots cannot.

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