Work from Home as Medical Transcriptionist: How Is It?

Remote work from home jobs such as working from home medical transcriptionist jobs currently enjoys a boom worldwide with as much as 20% increase even in the US. Across all freelancing job boards including legal transcription jobs and more, people of all works of life have begun embracing this changing lifestyle to both earning a living, catering for the family and socializing.

Remote medical transcriptionist job involves the listening to audio or video files in mp3 or WAV format mostly and then type what you hear into a word document, Google doc any other text or document format. File type include surgery cases, clinical sessions, hospital interviews, insurance/hospital records, invoices, etc. these audio or video files requires the expertise of a person who does medical transcripts at home as part-time typing jobs or at the office as a full-time transcriptionist to transcribe from audio to text or hardcopy. With a thorough search online you can get access to dozens of legitimate companies with work from home medical transcripts for a data entry expert with knowledge of transcription and if you work as freelancer.

5 Top Benefits of Work at Home Medical Transcription Job

  1. Flexible work schedule: one of the critical features of the remote work from home lifestyle is the flexibility it offers. You can work remotely on some medical transcriptionist jobs from home no experience as there are even transcription jobs for beginners. So depending on your responsibility may be a nursing mother, an aged person, a war veteran, etc., there is some form of work from home job for you online.
  2. More family and friends time: with the flexibility comes the possibility to both earn and have some quality family and friends time. You can pick your period, days and place of work for a transcriptionist online job.
  3. Can determine leave days, vacation and work location: if you feel trapped in a 9 to 5 situation, you can only take a vacation as your company permits. But with a medical transcription job, you can decide to go along with your work to your vacation location and enjoy a holiday while you work.
  4. Can work multiple jobs: medical transcriptionist jobs offer a lot of possibilities to the individual even for work from home jobs no experience. First, there is a very high demand for medical transcriptionist so you can enjoy an endless workflow, as much as you can handle. You can have a 9-5 job and work as a medical transcriptionist part-time. You could do transcription if between jobs or a student in need of more income. The third value is can choose your clients or work with multiple clients if you can stomach the workload.
  5. Creates a large pool of employees: for a medical facility, remote work from home transcription jobs avail employers an opportunity to work with multiple staffs at the same time. They can share the tasks without having to pay a whole month’s salary but per task. Employers have the opportunity of networking with some hardworking transcriptionist and keep them on their payroll. It also eliminates overhead cost for office, equipment, and other administrative expenses.

benefits of medical transcription job from home

5 Main Disadvantage of a Remote Medical Transcription Job from Home

  1. Could be a lone ranger: if you are a person who cannot deal with boredom working on medical transcription job from home could be lead to frustration. It helps people who like isolation.
  2. It saps your energy: for a work from home job, the freelancer is solely responsible for getting everything done. He or she does both administrative, technical or professional job except he employs an assistant.
  3. Only for people with discipline: it takes a lot of zest and motivation to work from home. A lot of people work better when they have someone to hold them accountable, set control measures for them and more. When some persons get the freedom to determine their schedule, they abuse it and become complacent.
  4. Scammers on the prowl: online, so many frivolous claims of work at home medical transcription jobs with no experience exists. But most of them are scams sites offering freelancers, medical transcriptionist, and others transcription jobs. It is imperative to verify any claim online before accepting jobs as there are more fraudulent sites than genuine.
  5. Costly experiment: earning online might not come as cheap as it appears. If you have the intention of building a career working as a medical transcriptionist, you would need to invest quality time and resources to earn either a 6 or 7-figure income. Even if what you seek is an entry level medical transcription jobs from home you would need to invest in acquiring a laptop, internet subscription, headset, etc.

How Work from Home Transcription Job Can Influence Your Productivity and Income

With a strong passion for success, focus and vision any individual can earn even a 6 figure income building work from home business. What influences a work from home transcriptionist’s productivity is the desire to make a living for self and loved one. Here are some ways remote medical transcription jobs from home can help productivity in medical transcriptionist training:

  • Being the boss: for a person motivated by the will to succeed, being the boss means you envision where you want to be and allow the drive to achieve for yourself push you to success.
  • Picking your work schedule and time you can settle for your most productive period of the day to get things done instead of working at a programmed time frame of 9 to 5.
  • Work from home jobs offers a lot of dexterity and because you have a long list of remote jobs to choose from, for a person who enjoys medical related issues, working on medical transcription might just be fun while you earn a living.
  • Development skills in professional med transcription course could help better position one for success as a medical transcriptionist resulting in high-income levels.

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List of Top 5 Best Medical Transcription Jobs Websites Online

Here are legitimate websites offering medical transcription jobs online to help you earn a decent income:

  1. Accutran Global: Accutran Global hires medical transcriptionists worldwide but specifically US, Canada, and the UK. Accutran Global is open to hiring entry level as well as experienced transcriptionists. You have to state your available times and days of the week. They pay through checks and bank transfer. Accutran pays rate per words of $0.005 for beginners and $0.066 per word for demanding transcription jobs or for the experienced transcriptionist.
  2. Accentus: Accentus is a part of Nuance Healthcare and provides medical transcriptionist and coding service through the remote home from work staffs from the US and Canada. You are expected to be experienced, have a certification and ready to work based on a shift basis. Accentus, Canada, and Accentus, US.
  3. Amphion: Amphion offers both full-time and part-time transcription job. They pay rates at $8 per hour with over 600 work from home transcriptionist. Amphion provides clinical documentation, coding, and medical transcription services. But they require two-year experience and educational qualification from transcriptionists and coders.
  4. Ascend: Ascend provides innovative leadership in healthcare, transcription and medical coding services. They work with medical transcriptionist who must meet their conditions of service and reside in the United States. They expect you to have experience in medical transcription and apply via e-mail.
  5. Accuro: Accuro is a renowned transcription company that offers transcription service to both medical and legal firms in need of transcription service. They work with remote transcription experts in delivering quality services. It’s a UK based transcriptionist company and requires both beginner and expert level transcriptionists.

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