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zipjob_desktopPros & Cons

Based on our ZipJob website review, we have discussed the following pros and cons of using this service.


  • PARW/CC certification of authors.
  • Availability of numerous resume service options.
  • Exclusive specialization on resume/CV writing and editing services.
  • A large professional team of resume writers.
  • US location of the company.


  • No clear refund policy on substandard orders.
  • Negative online reviews are suggesting poor quality.
  • Ambiguity regarding the writer team and recruitment policy.
  • High rates.


What is ZipJob?

The zip job site is a provider of professional resume and CV writing/editing services online. It is not a typical academic writing agency; this company specializes in helping people of all ages, professional experiences, and occupations to excel in their job search and career change.

How can ZipJob help me?

If you’re a college graduate, this company can help you craft an entry-level resume to search for your first job. The company’s experts will focus on your strong skills and education to present you as a professional without experience but with much enthusiasm and talent to your employer.

If you’re already working but want a promotion or seek a career change, its authors can design a Professional or Career Change resume to help you change the position to your advantage. Executives also use their services to get the desired top position in a new company.

Can I trust my data to ZipJob?

Yes, Zip Job is a secure platform that officially claims to store and share no client data with third parties. Since you provide any sensitive personal details to the resume authors, you need to exercise extra caution about the company’s reputation. With ZipJob, you’re fully covered with its rigorous privacy and confidentiality guarantee.

Is it safe to pay ZipJob?

Our review suggests that ZipJob employs only safe payment gateways to prevent user abuse or financial data theft. Thus, you can handle all transactions with it safely, knowing that your identity and banking details will never be compromised.

What do people say about Zipjob?

Based on our review, the online reviews of ZipJob are heterogeneous. Some clients report an outstanding partnership experience with this company, collaboration with expert authors, and a quick and productive job search with a resume prepared here. Others condemn the company for dubious practices, slow processing of refunds for subpar work, a requirement to post fake positive reviews for the sake of a refund, and low writer competence. Thus, the overall opinion about this provider after reviewing online comments about it is mixed and requires further investigation.

Services & Prices

There are several packages of help with your professional documents that you can get from this provider. A Launch zipjob resume will cost you $139, and the package is meant for those who only start and need a professional presentation for their first job. Professionals also use this package to optimize resume information and the compilation of a good-looking expert document for adequate self-presentation.

The following package is a fast track, priced at $189, including everything the Launch package will give you and a cover letter. This package also comes with a 60-ay interview guarantee, suggesting that if your resume doesn’t attract any employer’s attention within two months, you will be offered a refund or a free zipjob resume review.

Clients wishing to maximize their recruitment chances or needing their package fast can opt for the Premium package. Its cost is $299, which includes a review of your qualifications, a well-written resume and cover letter, an update of your LinkedIn profile, and fast delivery of the entire pack of documents.

Besides all services coming with the Premium plan, you receive a professional recruiter distribution service, phone consultation by ZipJob professionals, and free future updates. The company also has an exclusive offer for executives, an Executive Package priced at $850. No matter how high the price may seem at first, it includes a comprehensive review of all professional documentation for the client. In other words, you get a lifetime service with the company guaranteeing that your documents stay constantly updated in line with your professional situation and goals.

Rating: 5 stars

Loyalty Programs

At present, there are no discounts or special deals available for clients on the website. The only perk you can get from the provider is a free resume review by one of its experts. After that review, the company is likely to develop exclusive improvement suggestions and a recommendation of the service plan that can cover those changes. No first-order discounts or promo codes were also detected during our review.

Rating: 4 stars

Ordering Process

The ordering process is pretty convenient, especially since the company has only a few pricing plans available. However, finding the “Order” tab is a bit harder here compared to other websites of this kind. There is no “Order” button on the main page in the traditional sense of this word. You first need to read about all advantages of using the ZipJob service and then click on the “Get Started” button.

Once you do this, you’re forwarded to the Checkout page, where you need to insert your name, email, card number and details, and agree to the terms of service. The provider also features payments with installments supported by Affirm. Still, we recommend thinking twice before using this option as the commission for installments is enormous.

Rating: 4 stars

Contact & Support

Contacting support is simple here, available via several contact channels. First, you may use the live chat on the website to type your question and get an immediate response from support managers working there 24/7. Second, you may choose the hotline option and communicate with one of the managers over the phone. Finally, an email is also available, letting clients send messages with uploaded files and attachments.

Rating: 5 stars

Online Reputation

One of the first things we checked about the company specializing in helping people get jobs I how it treats its team and organizes recruitment for its staff. There is no zip job posting on the website or anywhere else online, which suggests that those who want to get hired by the company should find some way to contact the zip job recruiter for a vacancy application.

As for zipjob reviews, Reddit contains a thread dedicated to this company, and most reviews here are negative. One of the reviewers indicated they requested a refund, but the firm refused to return the money. Most clients generally view the company positively until they posted a positive review on Reddit. Other commentators mentioned shallow rewording of their previous packages with little insight and non-professional career advice given upon review.

Zipjob reviews on yelp are also not promising. There are only three available on the website, but they all tell about highly negative, disappointing customer experiences with the service. Most reviewers mentioned the poor competence of the assigned writers and their inability to render adequate consulting and writing services. Here is an excerpt from one client’s review of their service use, suggesting that the writer was personally and professionally incompetent.

As for Trustpilot, the company enjoys quite good publicity here based on 1,060 available reviews. Most reviews are positive, giving it a total rating of 4 stars out of 5. Some clients have praised the work of their writers, saying that their service was of much help. Others gave an extensive account of what went wrong, what dissatisfied them, and how they received no responses about refunds from the company’s support.


This zip job review discovered that most clients generally view the company positively, though with some reservations. A small number of service packages, high rates, and ambiguity about the writer team all point to the provider being double-checked before paying money to it.

Our review also showed the zip job board for customers is highly convenient, making it easy for new clients to grasp how the platform works, order new resume services, and navigate the entire platform.

Since the platform might be attractive not only for clients requiring resume assistance but also for professional writers specializing in resumes, we would rank the company higher in our review if it had a zip job listing. However, there is little clarity about the entire writer team of this provider, as our review showed, with only around a dozen experts displayed on the website. Thus, it remains unclear how the provider expands its team and handles so many orders.

Rating: 4.2 stars

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